5 Steven Tyler Singles That Flopped

5 Steven Tyler Singles That Flopped | Society Of Rock Videos

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Steven Tyler, the high-energy, scarf-draped frontman of Aerosmith, is almost as famous for his big lips and big voice as he is for his iconic tunes. However, despite having a seemingly Midas touch when it comes to pumping out hits with his band, not everything he’s touched in his solo career has turned to gold. In fact, some of it turned into something resembling musical compost.

Not every swing results in a hit, and not every song becomes a chart-topper. These five singles from Steven Tyler are perfect examples of how even legends can misstep. But let’s not dismiss them entirely. While they might not have made waves on the music charts, there’s something to be said for their intrinsic value. Each of these tracks carries Tyler’s signature style and unbridled passion for music. They might have flopped in terms of sales and radio play, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good songs.

Success is a fickle friend, and popularity doesn’t always align with quality. These songs may not have soared to the heights of “Dream On,” but they are still meaningful to those who created them and to listeners who found something special in their lyrics, melodies, or simply the courage they represent in artistic expression. So, give these tunes a listen with fresh ears; you might just find a hidden gem that resonates with you, flop or not. After all, music is subjective, and sometimes the songs that don’t shine in the limelight have a luster all their own in the hearts of their listeners.

1. “Love Lives” (2010)

“Love Lives” aimed to capture the raw emotional essence of love, but unfortunately, it captured the essence of elevator music a bit more accurately. It appears the song took its title a little too seriously and decided to live a quiet, almost undetectable life on the charts. Perhaps listeners were expecting the power ballads Aerosmith is known for and were not prepared for this gentler, less rocky love proclamation.

2. “We’re All Somebody from Somewhere” (2016)

A foray into country music, “We’re All Somebody from Somewhere” sounds like Steven Tyler woke up one day and thought, “What if I put on a cowboy hat and just went for it?” The result was as confusing as finding a fish with a bicycle; it simply didn’t make sense to the audience. Combining Tyler’s iconic raspy voice with country twang created a musical Frankenstein that audiences didn’t know whether to dance to or run away from.

3. “Only Heaven”

“Only Heaven” must have been aiming for the celestial realms but got lost in the stratosphere. Perhaps it was a bit too optimistic to expect listeners to follow along on this nebulous journey without a clear musical compass. This track wandered into the abyss of forgotten songs, proving that even rock legends can miss the mark when they stray too far from their roots.

4. “Brown Sugar” featuring Nuno Bettencourt (2018)

In what might have started as an attempt to bake something sweet, “Brown Sugar” ended up half-baked. Featuring guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, this song might have sounded good on paper, but in reality, it flopped harder than a soggy pancake. Perhaps it was the odd coupling of Tyler and Bettencourt, or maybe fans were just not ready for Steven Tyler’s version of dessert. Either way, this track was less ‘delicious ear candy’ and more ‘musical toothache.’

5. “Someday” with Julian Lennon (2016)

Pairing with Julian Lennon, one might have thought, “Ah, a recipe for success!” Yet, “Someday” became more of a musical mirage. It seemed promising from a distance, but upon closer inspection, it left listeners feeling parched for something more substantial. This collaboration had potential but ultimately fell into the realm of “what could have been,” rather than staking its claim on the charts. Maybe it was too introspective, or perhaps it was just overshadowed by the brighter stars in Tyler’s constellation.

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