She Turns “Highway To Hell” Into Heavy Metal Song

She Turns “Highway To Hell” Into Heavy Metal Song | Society Of Rock Videos

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Even though the Young brothers might not look like they spent much time in school, they’ve got a knack for making awesome music. They figured out a simple rule in their early days: when in doubt, go for the basic eighth note over the fancier eight semi-fuzzy notes. They’ve stuck with this musical formula for over thirty years, making them a big deal in the world of rock music.

Now, let’s talk about “Highway To Hell.” It’s a classic rock song with all the cool stuff—catchy tunes, powerful guitar sounds, and a singer who belts out the lyrics with a lot of feeling. The original version is like a rock masterpiece.

But wait, these young fans took it up a notch!

Their version is even more intense, heavier, and cooler. It’s like the original song is on fire!

“Highway to Hell” marks the zenith of the band’s collaboration with its original singer, Bon Scott, whose arrival in 1974 was a pivotal moment for the group. The song, along with Bon Scott’s untimely death, left an indelible mark on the band’s history. The subsequent arrival of Brian Johnson and the release of “Back in Black” revolutionized their trajectory, culminating in the 1980 masterpiece. This album retained the band’s essence while infusing the emotion and circumstances of the moment. It featured exemplary themes, more intricate and refined, elevating the band’s style to unprecedented excellence.

So, these young fans playing “Highway to Hell” in a metal style is like a cool way of saying, “Hey, we love this band, and we’re giving them props for being rock legends!” It’s like a rock and roll salute to one of the best bands ever.

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