Shattering Glass With Voice: Truth or Myth?

Shattering Glass With Voice: Truth or Myth? | Society Of Rock Videos

photo credit: Youtube channel "UPROXX"

PLEASE Do Not Try This At Home!

We’ve all seen this at some point in one movie or TV show — somebody screams and the glass shatters. Okay, while most are obviously exaggerating it (because it’s Hollywood, duh); this experiment will show you the truth. Spoilers, given the right amount of frequency and precise tone, the voice can actually do it. But of course, this is not something anyone can just do. First off, there are safety issues. It’s glass, people! It can cut your face, really not worth the risk. So just watch this alright? It’s all safer that way. And also, this guy is a trained professional. He doesn’t just scream, he knows HOW to do it exactly. Otherwise, it could end in damaged vocal chords and whether you’re a singer or not, that’s not something you’d want to happen to you.

P.S. We’d love to see this in slo-mo.

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