Science Says This Is The “Best” Song Ever Recorded

Science Says This Is The “Best” Song Ever Recorded | Society Of Rock Videos

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Do you know how some songs just get stuck in your head? You might find yourself humming them or tapping your foot to the beat, even if you don’t know all the words.

Across the span of time, from everyday individuals to the most ingenious thinkers, people have attempted to unravel the enigmatic formula behind a song that becomes an instant favorite.

Understanding Music’s Magic

Imagine how cool music is! It’s almost magical how a few rhythms and melodies can make us start dancing, feel sad, or remember something we forgot long ago.

However, figuring out what makes a song really awesome isn’t easy. Everyone has their own special songs they like, but there are also songs that lots of people enjoy. The key question is, why do we enjoy some songs so much?

Well, Gizmodo, which is a famous website, was curious about this too. They decided to do some investigating.

They collected a group of music enthusiasts and brain experts. What was the objective? To investigate the precise factors that contribute to a song’s extreme memorability by combining science and emotions.

Science and Songs

Daniel Glaser knows a lot about brains and how they react to things. In an interview with the news website Gizmodo, he discussed his work at King’s College London. His style of approaching problems was sharp.

According to him, there are times when simple reactions can provide us with valuable insights. For example, when a song prompts us to clap, smile, or even shed a tear, it has successfully evoked emotions in us. While advanced tools can analyze our brain activity, the most telling signs are our authentic feelings.

It’s not only about how we feel, though. Beats, rhythms, and lyrics are only a few of the components of songs. It’s like magic when all these pieces come together perfectly. The lyrics of the song stick with us, and the melody becomes ingrained in our thoughts.

And the Best Song Is…

After having many conversations and conducting research, Gizmodo shared an exciting piece of news. Based on their investigations, they highlighted that the song “Africa” by Toto has emerged as a standout track.

However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t imply it’s the ultimate song for everyone. There are various factors that contribute to its uniqueness. The melody, lyrics, and the emotions it brings forth all come together harmoniously.

Professor Dave Poeppel provided further insights into this matter. He explained that Toto was no ordinary band. It was composed of exceptionally skilled musicians who had a knack for creating songs that garnered admiration from other musicians. This holds significant value!

More Musical Discoveries

However, it’s not all there is! Understanding music wasn’t the end of science. Additionally, the audience for these songs was examined.

Here’s an interesting tidbit they discovered: individuals who enjoy rock and metal music tend to be hard workers, often excelling in their jobs. It turns out that our musical preferences can reveal quite a bit about us.

We go through our feelings and memories with the help of music. Even if we may not fully understand what, specifically, makes a song appealing to all people, when we combine rational analysis with the force of emotions, we get closer to discovering the solution.

We become a part of the dynamic world of music as we listen, move to the beat, or sing along. So remember that the next time music makes you feel something intense, enchantment may be present.

Stream Toto’s classic “Africa” down below.

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