Sammy Hagar Calls Out David Lee Roth On Denying Hagar-Era VAN HALEN’s Success

Sammy Hagar Calls Out David Lee Roth On Denying Hagar-Era VAN HALEN’s Success | Society Of Rock Videos

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In an exclusive interview with Planet Rock magazine, Sammy Hagar delved deep into his experiences with Van Halen and his thoughts on David Lee Roth’s denial of the band’s success during Hagar’s tenure.

Hagar, who joined Van Halen in 1985, succeeding Roth as the lead vocalist, spoke openly about their working relationship.

Hagar stated when asked about the supposed rivalry with Roth:

“It wasn’t even a blip on my radar.”

Despite his reservations about Roth’s artistry, he acknowledged Roth’s talent as a showman and his crucial role in Van Halen’s early success.

“Van Halen couldn’t have made it without him,” Hagar acknowledged.


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Addressing Roth’s reluctance to accept their joint achievements, Hagar added:

“God bless Dave, but he refuses to acknowledge that Van Halen with me was even more successful than Van Halen with him, and that’s very stupid of him.”

Hagar also shed light on the internal strife that led to the band’s challenges.

“We had eight years of (huge success), and then suddenly people in the band started changing… and it wasn’t me and it wasn’t Mike (Anthony),” Hagar revealed, highlighting the turmoil within the band. “The ‘Balance’ record was like pulling teeth; things got very dysfunctional by then. Drugs and alcohol, insecurity, and bad management killed that band.”

This revealing interview provides fans with a unique insight into the complex dynamics of Van Halen during Hagar’s tenure and Roth’s perspective on their shared accomplishments. For the full conversation, readers can explore Issue 15 of Planet Rock magazine, currently available. Hagar’s candid revelations continue to add depth to the intricate history of one of rock’s most iconic bands.

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