Ronnie Wood Reveals His Favorite Rolling Stones Tracks

Ronnie Wood Reveals His Favorite Rolling Stones Tracks | Society Of Rock Videos

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Ronnie Wood recently shared his favorite song from The Rolling Stones.

It is generally known that Wood was not one of the original founding members of the Stones. He joined the band in 1975 and soon enough, after performing with them numerous times, he became an official member.

He has made significant contributions to the band upon joining and helped them keep the group together throughout countless testing times. Now, Wood is the third longest-serving member of the group and has been part of The Rolling Stones for nearly 50 years.

In a statement, Wood shared his favorite song from The Rolling Stones, which is their 1980 “Dance Part 1.” The song was included in their Emotional Rescue album. This song also secured a special spot in his heart for it gave him an opportunity to stand up for himself and fought for what he thought was right.

Although it would have been easier for him to back down, he upholds what he wanted to execute, and he did not compromise with the band’s proposition. As a result, it became one of their first songs that included him as a writer and gave him a moment to show that he matters too. Wood said:

“I stuck up for myself, ’cause I picked a song that I wrote. I thought, ‘No one’s gonna mention that.’ But I think people, when they hear that song, they love it — because it’s really up, and it gets everyone dancing.

“They followed my lead, really. I had the whole riff, and I had an instrumental in mind, just to get the groove and the funk going. And then Mick jumped over it and he just … we didn’t have to talk much. He more or less said, ‘Let me loose on this,’ you know? ‘And I’ll set it on fire.’”

Furthermore, “Dance Part 1” gave Wood his “coming-of-age moment” after five years he joined the group and showed them his worth.

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