Roger Waters Slams Bon Jovi, Calling Them a Pop Band

Roger Waters Slams Bon Jovi, Calling Them a Pop Band | Society Of Rock Videos

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In a recent video shared on his X platform, Roger Waters, the esteemed musician and former member of Pink Floyd, made a bold and noteworthy assertion that caught the attention of many.

In this video, Waters boldly categorized Bon Jovi, the renowned rock band, as a pop band.

This assertion served as the focal point of a larger discussion, as Waters utilized the platform to deliver an open letter addressed to none other than American broadcaster Howard Stern. Within the video, Waters candidly revealed that the letter in question had been penned a few years prior, and he openly acknowledged listening to Stern’s subsequent response. During his address, Waters reiterated his perception of Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates not only as individuals but also as representatives of what he termed a ‘person and a pop group.’

 “A few years ago, I wrote an open letter to Howard Stern. I don’t know if he’s still a well-known personality on American radio, but he may well be. It was in response to his response to a letter that I’d written to Bon Jovi, who is a person and a pop group who at the time were visiting Tel Aviv to play their rock and roll.”

This assertion stemmed from Waters’ extensive open letter to Bon Jovi in 2015

He critiqued the band ahead of their scheduled concert in Tel Aviv in 2015. The former Pink Floyd bassist accused Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates of aligning themselves closely with Israel, a stance that Waters vehemently opposed.

In response to Waters’ letter, Howard Stern vehemently criticized the musician, particularly condemning Bon Jovi’s decision to perform in Israel. Stern’s critique of Waters spanned a significant seven-minute rant, during which he openly questioned Waters’ stance, ultimately asking, “What is with Roger Waters and the Jews?”

Following Bon Jovi’s performance in Israel, Roger Waters opted to refrain from further commentary on the band. To date, Jon Bon Jovi has yet to respond to Waters’ assertions.

Watch the video below:

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