8 Rock Icons Who Should Have Retired Years Ago

8 Rock Icons Who Should Have Retired Years Ago | Society Of Rock Videos

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Motley Crue has been making headlines recently with their decision to reunite, despite previously declaring a “Cessation of Touring Agreement.” However, they are not the only band to go back on their word about retirement. Here are 8 Rock Icons Who Should Have Retired Years Ago:

Motley Crue

Mötley Crüe, the heavy metal legends, are embarking on another highly anticipated tour, but their continued presence on stage raises questions about their relevance and suitability in the current music scene. Despite a fading impact and a discography that peaked in the 1980s, the band will perform in multiple venues across the country, offering fans a limited opportunity to see them live. With nostalgia fueling their popularity, Mötley Crüe played a show on New Year’s Eve and returned five months later for a performance in Atlantic City, attempting to recapture their former glory. As they wrap up their latest tour with festival appearances, one must ponder whether Mötley Crüe should have retired from the music scene long ago, allowing their legacy to speak for itself and avoiding the somewhat desperate cycle of reunion tours and festival engagements.


KISS, the iconic rock band known for their sing-along hits and captivating live performances, may have overstayed their welcome in the music industry. Despite a prior “farewell tour” over 20 years ago, the band has continued to tour intermittently since 2003, raising doubts about the legitimacy of their supposed farewell. As they prepare for their performance at Madison Square Garden, band members have hinted at the possibility of carrying on in some capacity. Both Stanley and co-frontman Gene Simmons have their own bands and express intentions to make appearances in those formats, suggesting that the final goodbye from KISS may be long overdue.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne, the 74-year-old Black Sabbath singer, has been grappling with ongoing health issues that have raised concerns about his ability to continue performing. Despite this, Osbourne recently announced his withdrawal from what would have been his first live performance in nearly five years, citing his body’s lack of readiness. He has been dealing with complications from a spine injury sustained in 2003 and a subsequent fall in 2019 that affected his neck vertebrae. With these recurring health setbacks, it becomes apparent that Osbourne should have retired from performing years ago, prioritizing his well-being over his career.

Def Leppard

Def Leppard, the enduring British metal legends who formed in 1977, have surprisingly mapped out an ambitious schedule for 2024. Despite having been in the music industry for over 40 years, instead of gracefully bowing out, the band is embarking on an enormous stadium tour of Europe and South America alongside Motley Crue. Aptly titled the “Summer Stadium” Tour, this tour intends to kick off in St. Louis on July 6th and conclude in Denver on September 8th. While some may argue that Def Leppard should have retired years ago, they are determined to keep rocking and give fans one more chance to witness their performances before calling it quits.


Blondie, the iconic band that was established in 1974, seems to be defying the concept of retirement. Despite the passing of several decades, the band continues to occupy the limelight. Guitarist Chris Stein and singer Deborah Harry initially joined forces in The Stilettos in 1973 but decided to form their own band, Blondie, in October 1974. Astonishingly, in 2024, Blondie is still going strong, surprising fans with their energetic performances. In 2023, they played London’s Crystal Palace Bowl alongside fellow music legend Iggy Pop, and also delivered a well-received set at Glastonbury. But their ceaseless touring doesn’t end there. In 2024, the band is scheduled to perform at the Cruel World festival in California in May, followed by a series of outdoor shows in the UK and Ireland in June, where they will share the stage with the ever-popular Sting. Despite the band’s impressive longevity, one might question whether Blondie should have gracefully retired long ago, but their unwavering commitment to their craft suggests they still have more to offer their devoted fans.

The Eagles

The Eagles, a band that was established in 1971, have had a long and eventful career. Despite facing numerous line-up changes and the tragic loss of founding member Glenn Frey in 2016, the band continues to soldier on. Astonishingly, in June 2022, they headlined the prestigious British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, proving that they still have a loyal fan base. Yet, one can’t help but wonder if The Eagles should have gracefully retired years ago. Nevertheless, with Don Henley and Joe Walsh still holding the fort, the band perseveres. Their ongoing Long Goodbye Tour, featuring special guests Steely Dan, will finally come to a close in Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 16th, 2024. As The Eagles continue to extend their farewell, it’s evident that their retirement might have been more fitting several years ago.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones, an iconic band formed in 1962, have certainly defied expectations and the passage of time. Even after the devastating loss of the legendary Charlie Watts, the band persists. Astonishingly, they celebrated the release of a Number 1 album, Hackney Diamonds, in 2023. However, one cannot help but question whether Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood should have gracefully retired years ago. Despite this, the band has lined up dates in North America and Canada, commencing in Houston, Texas on April 28th and concluding in Santa Clara, California on July 17th, 2024. The Rolling Stones continue to push forward, but what lies beyond these upcoming shows remains uncertain. Nonetheless, it’s hard to ignore the fact that retirement might have been a more suitable option for the aging rockers years ago.

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys, a legendary band established in 1961, have persevered through various challenges including death, illness, and mental health issues. Surprisingly, the American Dream and surf music continue to define this enduring act. Despite this, it’s hard to ignore the fact that perhaps the band should have hung up their surfboards and retired years ago. Veteran member Mike Love is currently leading his own lineup on a world tour, with no signs of slowing down. Their touring schedule will continue until “The Malt Shop Memories Cruise” in Florida in October 2024. While The Beach Boys continue to ride the wave of their musical legacy, one might argue that retirement should have been considered long ago.

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