6 Most Disappointing Rock Reunion That Went Sour

6 Most Disappointing Rock Reunion That Went Sour | Society Of Rock Videos

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Many bands, whether they’ve managed to save their earnings over the years or had a successful career, often consider reuniting for charitable reasons. While their intentions are commendable, actually coming together can be challenging, especially if there are still unresolved issues between members. A reunion needs to stem from a sincere wish to address unfinished matters. Bands like Sleater Kinney, Pulp, and Blur are great examples of groups that have come back together and added positively to their legacy. However, this list focuses on reunions that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Band reunions can be touching and exciting events for fans, but they are not without their challenges. Differences that were once pushed aside can resurface, and the pressures of performing together again can reignite old tensions, sometimes overshadowing the beauty and legacy of the music itself.

Van Halen

Six years after a reunion tour without Sammy Hagar didn’t go as planned, Van Halen managed to bring him back for a series of 80 shows in 2004. Regrettably, these performances did not live up to expectations, even more so than the previous attempt without Hagar. Eddie Van Halen’s struggles with addiction made the experience difficult for everyone. Eddie became sober in 2008, but by then, Hagar had decided he would not rejoin the band.

Reflecting on the 2004 reunion, Hagar shared that it was filled with unpleasantness and betrayal like he had never experienced.

The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground, an iconic band, had a profound impact on the landscape of alternative music, despite not achieving significant commercial success during their active years. Their influence led to strong demand for a reunion, which finally occurred with a tour in Europe in 1993. The tour included notable performances, like one at the Glastonbury Festival.

The idea was to test if a larger tour in America would be feasible. However, tensions among the members escalated, leading to the cancellation of future plans, including a U.S. tour and a recording session. Lou Reed and John Cale’s falling out effectively ended the band’s reunion, except for a one-time performance in 1996.

The Doors of the 21st Century

Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors attempted a reunion in their sixties, aiming for one last success. The project faced issues from the start, including a legal challenge over the use of The Doors’ name, initiated by John Densmore and supported by Jim Morrison’s family. The dispute forced a name change to D21C and unfortunately left a blemish on their legacy.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin’s first reunion since John Bonham’s death was at Live Aid in 1985. Despite high expectations, the performance was riddled with mistakes, partly due to inadequate rehearsal time for the drummers filling in for Bonham. Reflecting on the event, Robert Plant admitted the emotional and physical strains he faced, contributing to the performance’s overall disappointment.

Jefferson Airplane

In a surprising turn, Jefferson Airplane reunited in 1989 despite ongoing legal battles among members. They aimed to distinguish their reunion from others by releasing a new album to accompany their tour. Unfortunately, the album did not meet expectations. Jorma Kaukonen expressed his dissatisfaction with the recording process, which lacked the passion and enjoyment of their past work.

Pink Floyd

The members of Pink Floyd attempted to reconcile for their Live 8 performance in 2005. While the show was impressive, it ultimately intensified the strain between David Gilmour and Roger Waters. Disagreements over the setlist and arrangements highlighted the ongoing tension between them, with Gilmour particularly opposed to performing “Another Brick in the Wall,” which he felt was unsuitable for the occasion and not emotionally significant.

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