The Real Relationship Between Ritchie Blackmore and John Bonham

The Real Relationship Between Ritchie Blackmore and John Bonham | Society Of Rock Videos

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Ritchie Blackmore and John Bonham are two of the most iconic musicians in rock history. Blackmore, the guitarist for Deep Purple and Rainbow, and Bonham, the drummer for Led Zeppelin, are often regarded as legends in their respective fields. But what was the real relationship between these two titans of rock?

Uniting Talents for Musical Bonds

While Blackmore and Bonham were never in a band together, they did cross paths on several occasions. In fact, they were good friends and had mutual respect for each other’s talents. Blackmore even attended Bonham’s wedding in 1974. (

Despite their friendship, Blackmore and Bonham had different approaches to music. Blackmore was known for his technical proficiency and precision, while Bonham was all about feel and groove. However, both musicians shared a love for improvisation and pushing the boundaries of their instruments.

Legendary Encounter

One of the most memorable moments of their relationship was when Blackmore joined Led Zeppelin on stage for a jam session during a gig in 1970. The impromptu performance saw Blackmore and Bonham trading licks and grooves, showcasing their incredible chemistry and musicianship.

Sadly, Bonham’s untimely death in 1980 meant that we never got to see these two legends collaborate on a full album or tour. However, their friendship and mutual admiration for each other’s talents will always be remembered by fans of rock music.

The Remarkable Relationship

To put it briefly, the authentic bond shared between Ritchie Blackmore and John Bonham can be characterized as one marked by respect, admiration, and friendship. Although they didn’t collaborate on any formal projects, their meetings and impromptu music sessions showcased their exceptional musical chemistry and talent.

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