Ringo Starr Sure Has Strict Rules For His Staff

Ringo Starr Sure Has Strict Rules For His Staff | Society Of Rock Videos

Ringo Starr, a legendary member of The Beatles, has been leading his All-Starr Band for over 30 years, emphasizing a unique management style that fosters a sense of family among the members. Unlike the common perception of high-maintenance rock stars, Starr’s rules for his staff reflect a down-to-earth and respectful approach.

1. Be Prepared: Tours Aren’t Vacations
Despite touring worldwide, Ringo Starr prefers playing over leisure, often adding shows to the schedule. His tour producer, Dave Hart, highlights Starr’s emphasis on logical travel routes and ensuring the comfort of everyone involved. Starr himself loves performing and disapproves of excessive time off, promoting a dedicated work ethic.

2. Be Respectful, and Check the Drama at the Door
Starr’s commitment to peace and love extends to the workplace, where drama is not tolerated. Drum tech Jeff Chonis emphasizes the importance of maintaining a respectful and drama-free environment, allowing the band to focus on their performances. Starr acknowledges that occasional conflicts may arise but underscores the ongoing effort to create a positive atmosphere.

3. Be Prepared to Have a Little Fun, and Keep a Sense of Humor
Contrary to the serious expectations of a musical performance, Ringo Starr encourages a lighthearted atmosphere. He believes in having fun, even organizing playful pranks during tours. Tour manager Donny Wightman prioritizes ensuring everyone enjoys their time on the road, emphasizing Starr’s commitment to creating memorable and enjoyable experiences.

4. He’s Not Signing Anything for Anyone, So Don’t Ask
Ringo Starr has ceased signing autographs to avoid exploitation, with a policy in place since 2013. His decision reflects a desire to prevent the commercialization of his signature. Starr’s stance aligns with his longstanding commitment to principles, demonstrated by The Beatles in the 1960s when they refused to perform for segregated audiences.

5. Ringo Starr’s Rider Requirements: No Discrimination
Starr’s commitment to equality dates back to The Beatles’ era, as seen in their 1965 concert rider, which opposed performing for segregated audiences. In 2020, Starr maintained an anti-discrimination policy within his operations, stressing the importance of treating everyone with respect and rejecting any form of discrimination.

6. Everyone’s a Key Member of the Crew, So Everyone’s Treated Equally
In contrast to the typical hierarchy in the music industry, Ringo Starr ensures equality among his band and crew members. Tour manager Donny Wightman highlights that everyone, regardless of fame, shares the same accommodations and experiences. Starr actively engages with both the band and crew, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

7. Give 110%, and Take Responsibility When Things Go Wrong
Starr values input from all members of his All-Starr Band, encouraging open discussions about performances after each show. Acknowledging that mistakes happen, Starr appreciates those who give their best effort and take responsibility for successes and failures. Maintaining a commitment to excellence is crucial for continued participation in the band.

8. There’s Going to Be Some Time at the Gym
While not a strict requirement, Ringo Starr sets a healthy example by incorporating a regular gym routine into his lifestyle. Emphasizing the importance of staying active, Starr’s commitment to fitness serves as an unofficial inspiration for his band and crew. The shared experience at the gym creates a sense of unity among the group members.

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