Richie Haven’s Beautiful “Lean On Me” Cover Is The Definition Of Soul

Richie Haven’s Beautiful “Lean On Me” Cover Is The Definition Of Soul | Society Of Rock Videos

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A Soft, Slow Soul

Originally a Bill Withers song, “Lean On Me” inspired and ignited a new concept of friendship that holds no judgment or disappointment- a solid, long-lasting, unconditional bond between brothers of all walks of life. Now, we thought that we already loved this song, but then we heard this stunning, acoustic rendition performed by Richie Havens and it just stopped our hearts…

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on…”

Maybe it is his deep, calming voice or his genius timing, but whatever it is- Richie Havens IS Soul in this breathtaking cover as he sweetly serenades the audience on BBC Four in 1974. Do us a favor and close your eyes as you listen to this amazing performance and let the soft, subtle melody take you away…

Interesting Quote: “It’s a rural song that translates across demographic lines. Who could argue with the fact that it would be nice to have somebody who really was that way? My experience was, there were people who were that way. They would help you out. Even in the rural South, there were people who would help you out even across racial lines. Somebody who would probably stand in a mob that might lynch you if you pissed them off, would help you out in another way.” – Bill Withers

As he slows down the tempo of the generally upbeat song, we really feel the words that Richie sings and we can tell that he feels them too… and it is beyond inspirational. As an underrated voice of the generation, the wisdom and patience in Richie’s voice has been taking us up to the clouds for years. Enjoy this awesome, live performance of one the greatest soulful songs ever made!

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