Quincy Jones Called The Beatles “The Worst Musicians”

Quincy Jones Called The Beatles “The Worst Musicians” | Society Of Rock Videos

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Reactions to a recent statement made by well-known musician Quincy Jones on the Beatles were mixed. You know, the Beatles are regarded as musical legends, but Jones doesn’t quite see it that way.

He called them “No-playing motherf****ers” and even went as far as saying they were “The worst musicians in the world.” Pretty harsh words, right? But let’s dive into why he might think that.

A particularly memorable story is about Jones’s recording session with Ringo Starr, the drummer from the Beatles. Jones called in another drummer because Ringo was unable to completely master the rhythm; the new drummer quickly became proficient. It’s possible that this incident affected Jones’s assessment of the band’s musical prowess.

The Thing About the Beatles

The Beatles were primarily self-taught, though, and this is where it becomes interesting. Unlike a great deal of other musicians of the day, they had no professional training. One of the Beatles, Paul McCartney, even claimed that their unique sound came partly from their lack of formal instruction. They created music in a manner that spoke to them, regardless of the restrictions.

So, while Jones might have a point about their technical skills, there’s more to music than just playing perfectly. The Beatles’ music touched people in a way that’s hard to explain. They had a huge impact on music and culture, and that’s something you can’t measure with skill alone.

In the end, whether you agree with Jones or not, it’s clear that the Beatles left a lasting legacy that goes beyond their musical abilities. They might not have been the best musicians in the world, but they sure knew how to make great music.

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