Peter Frampton Shares Story How He Got To Be In Two Dolly Parton Songs

Peter Frampton Shares Story How He Got To Be In Two Dolly Parton Songs | Society Of Rock Videos

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Peter Frampton eagerly volunteered to contribute to Dolly Parton‘s highly anticipated Rockstar album and ended up taking on two roles in the forthcoming project, scheduled for release on November 17th.

Frampton stands out among the numerous guests on the album by being the sole artist to appear on two out of its 30 tracks. In one of these tracks, he collaborates with Parton in a duet, singing his 1975 single “Baby, I Love Your Way,” which gained popularity from the album Frampton Comes Alive! released the following year.

Additionally, Frampton contributes his guitar skills by performing the solo on Parton’s rendition of the Beatles’ classic “Let It Be.” This particular track also includes Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Mick Fleetwood.

From Inspiration to Collaboration

Frampton expressed his great honor and joy at being featured on Parton’s album, Rockstar, shortly after the track listing was announced. He attributes his inclusion to a specific incident that motivated him.

While spending time with a friend who had just finished working on the vocal backgrounds for the Steven Tyler duet, “I Want You Back,” Frampton realized that Parton was working on a rock album. This realization prompted him to contact his manager immediately upon returning home, expressing his desire to contribute a guitar solo to the project.

Fortunately, his manager happened to know Parton, leading to a phone conversation between Frampton and Parton’s producer, Kent Wells.

During their conversation, Wells informed Frampton that he had heard about his interest in providing a guitar solo. Frampton confirmed his enthusiasm for the idea, but he initially underestimated his potential contribution by suggesting only a guitar solo.

However, Wells asked if Frampton would consider collaborating on one of his own songs with Parton. After a brief moment of consideration, Frampton eagerly agreed.

Wells promised to call Frampton back and, true to his word, contacted him within about 10 minutes. He shared the exciting news that Parton was thrilled about the prospect of recording “Baby, I Love Your Way” with Frampton.

The resulting collaboration surpassed expectations, with Parton elevating the song to new heights. Frampton expresses deep gratitude for the opportunity and acknowledges the honor of Parton’s willingness to undertake the project.

Frampton’s Journey

Frampton, who is dealing with a degenerative condition called Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) that is gradually weakening his muscles, has added Rockstar appearances to his already eventful year.

Despite his condition, he remains determined to continue performing and will begin his Never Say Never U.S. summer tour on June 21. Although he will be seated during the performances, he is eager to entertain his fans by playing their favorite songs from his extensive career.

Frampton acknowledges that his condition has progressed and affected his hands, but he still finds joy in playing music for people.

Apart from going on tour, he will also launch a vinyl box set called Frampton@50, which includes upgraded versions of three of his earlier solo albums: Winds of Change, Frampton’s Camel (which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year), and Frampton.

Additionally, he has completed another blues album, succeeding in 2020’s All Blues, and is currently involved in the creation of a new collection of entirely original songs, which is still being developed.

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