Paul Stanley Opens Up About Possibility Of Their Kids Taking Over KISS

Paul Stanley Opens Up About Possibility Of Their Kids Taking Over KISS | Society Of Rock Videos

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In a recent interview with Real Radio Monsters, Paul Stanley from the iconic rock band KISS opened up about whether their children are considering taking over the band.

When asked if this idea had ever crossed his mind, Stanley shared his perspective:

“It’s not something they’re interested in. Over time, they’ve all found their passions. Sophie, Nick, and Evan see each other as more than just friends; they’re like siblings. Shannon, to me, feels like family. Gene and I have been close since childhood. The life we’ve built together is incredibly strong.”

Stanley emphasized that the kids, including Sophie, Nick Simmons and Evan Stanley, have found their passion and consider themselves more like siblings. He highlighted the tight-knit bond between the families, with Shannon (Simmons’ wife) being akin to a sister-in-law due to their lifelong connection.

While the idea of a Kiss takeover isn’t on the table, Stanley mentioned the strong support system among the children. However, he made it clear that none of them envision themselves on a Kiss stage.

Following Their Own Beat

Regarding their musical interests, although they aren’t eyeing the Kiss legacy, the children are pursuing music in their own right. Evan Stanley, aged 30, has been actively involved in music, both as a solo artist and with his band, The Dives. He released new singles in 2021, showcasing his musical endeavors.

Similarly, Sophie Simmons has been carving her path in the music industry, sharing her compositions on streaming platforms. In 2023, she released a new EP, demonstrating her commitment to her musical journey.

While the next generation may not follow in their fathers’ footsteps with Kiss, their shared love for music is undeniable, propelling them toward their creative pursuits.

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