Ozzy Osbourne Wanted To Help Rick Astley Form A Band

Ozzy Osbourne Wanted To Help Rick Astley Form A Band | Society Of Rock Videos

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Did you know that Ozzy Osbourne once made a surprising offer to assist Rick Astley in assembling a backing band?

In a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, the ’80s pop sensation revealed that the Prince of Darkness extended a generous invitation during his initial visit to the United States after the success of his debut album. It was on that tour that he had an unexpected encounter with the Osbourne family.

Astley recollected the conversation, saying:

“He said, ‘Are you over here playing?’ and I said, ‘No, we’re just doing promo.’ And then went, ‘If you want to put a band together, let me know. I’ve worked with all the greats.’ And I knew he had – he’d worked with some of the best guitar players on that planet.”

During this exchange, Ozzy’s wife, Sharon, was present and wasted no time in interjecting. According to Astley, she bluntly remarked:

“Will you please be quiet? He has no interest in playing with your long-haired, tattooed musicians.”

Astley was taken aback by the encounter, not only because Ozzy recognized him but also because of the unexpected offer to assemble a band for him to perform hits like “Never Gonna Give You Up.” He described Ozzy as a “lovely man” for making the suggestion.

How He Went from Rickrolling to Rock Star

Between 1987 and 1993, Rick Astley achieved significant success with his first four albums, producing chart-topping pop singles like “Never Gonna Give You Up,” “Together Forever,” “She Wants to Dance With Me,” “Cry for Help,” and “Hopelessly.”

After a period out of the public eye, Astley’s career experienced a resurgence thanks to social media and the viral “RickRolling” trend associated with “Never Gonna Give You Up.” His return to the spotlight also showcased his affinity for rock music, as he formed friendships with the Foo Fighters, covered “Everlong,” and performed mashups with them on stage.

Additionally, he used TikTok to cover songs by Slipknot and delivered a drum cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” during a live performance.

Considering Astley’s recent foray into rock music, it’s fascinating to imagine what kind of band Ozzy Osbourne might have assembled for him.

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