9 Times Ozzy Osbourne Escaped Death

9 Times Ozzy Osbourne Escaped Death | Society Of Rock Videos

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Ozzy Osbourne. Is there anyone else who goes against what science is trying to prove? How has the lead singer of Black Sabbath managed to stay alive for so long? Researchers at Cofactor Genomics are studying how he has survived, but we’re also looking at all the reasons Ozzy should have died a long time ago.

1) He Should Have Overdosed on Drugs, But Drugs Couldn’t Handle Him

Ozzy Osbourne’s history of substance abuse is well-documented, with the rock icon openly admitting to excessive drug use over the years. From alcohol to cocaine, morphine, sleeping pills, and even LSD, Ozzy’s consumption of various substances is staggering. Despite the known health risks and dangerous consequences, Ozzy has managed to survive while many of his peers succumbed to their addictions. His ability to continue functioning, and in some cases thrive, despite the extreme toll that drugs can have on the body, is indeed a mystery that researchers are trying to unravel.

The sheer volume and variety of drugs Ozzy has consumed raise questions about the limits of the human body’s resilience. With his drug buddies from the past no longer around, Ozzy remains an anomaly in the face of medical reasoning. His survival is a testament to the unpredictability of addiction and its impact on longevity, sparking curiosity and investigation into the physiological and genetic factors that may have contributed to his resilience.


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2) Biting A Bat’s Head Off (Lucky He Didn’t Get Any Type of Virus From The Bat)

Perhaps one of the most infamous moments in Ozzy’s career involves an incident during a Black Sabbath concert. A fan threw a live bat on stage, and in a moment of primal instinct—or perhaps misunderstanding—Ozzy bit off its head. This shocking act, whether intentional or a spur-of-the-moment mistake, resulted in him needing rabies treatment. The incident further solidified Ozzy’s reputation as a rock and roll rebel, unfazed by the bizarre and unexpected situations he encountered on stage.


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3) Jumping Out of a Hotel Window

Rock stars are often associated with a wild and hedonistic lifestyle, and Ozzy Osbourne is no exception. He has embraced the “Crazy Train” mentality, sharing stories of his escapades that could have easily resulted in his demise. From jumping out of a hotel window, mistakenly assuming it was the ground floor, to engaging in various reckless activities, Ozzy has defied the odds and survived where others have tragically fallen. His own disbelief at reaching the age of 60 speaks volumes about the risks he has taken and the turbulent path he has navigated.

4) Thumb Infection

During a 2018 US tour, 69-year-old Ozzy Osbourne encountered a health issue that disrupted the entire tour. After a show in Salt Lake City, his thumb swelled up to 10 times its normal size, making it impossible for him to put his thumb ring back on. It was later discovered that a hangnail had caused him to contract three separate staph infections. The doctors warned him that the infection could be life-threatening if left untreated. Ozzy underwent surgery on his thumb and middle finger and spent a week in the hospital receiving antibiotics intravenously. As a result, he had to postpone the remaining tour dates.


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5) Almost Caught By Fire

Ozzy’s reckless streak also extended to a dangerous incident involving a fire at his home. After his wife Sharon left a candle burning, a devastating inferno broke out. Ozzy, along with his wife, found themselves caught in the chaos of the blazing flames. Fortunately, they managed to escape, but not without some injuries. Ozzy suffered the loss of his hair, eyebrows, and even burns to his flesh. Despite the traumatic experience, his survival once again defied expectations and highlighted the unpredictability and resilience of the human spirit.

6) The ATV Accident

In 2004, while enjoying a leisurely ride on his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on his estate, Ozzy experienced a horrifying accident. He was thrown off the vehicle, resulting in a broken neck and a life-threatening situation where he stopped breathing. Miraculously, his quick-thinking bodyguard performed resuscitation, saving his life. This incident serves as another reminder of how Ozzy has continuously skirted the line between life and death, surviving near-fatal accidents that would have ended the lives of less fortunate individuals.

7) Trifecta of Health Struggles: Pneumonia, Accident, and Blood Clots

In 2019, following his recovery from a previous ATV accident, Ozzy Osbourne experienced a series of health issues that seemed to adhere to the superstition of bad things happening in threes. First, he contracted pneumonia which, at the age of 70, posed a serious threat to his health. While sick with pneumonia, Ozzy fell and reinjured his previous back injury caused by the ATV accident. This necessitated neck surgery, which unfortunately had complications. The surgery resulted in nerve damage, leaving his right arm permanently cold and causing a wobbly gait. During his recovery, doctors discovered blood clots in his body that could have led to more dangerous conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, stroke, or heart attack. Fortunately, he was able to avoid these potential complications and is now on blood thinners as a preventative measure. The sequence of events that unfolded led to the timely discovery of the blood clots.

8) He Narrowly Escaped Being Struck By Passing Cars Due To Hangover

Ozzy’s wild lifestyle and excessive drinking have led to some memorable, and potentially life-threatening, hangovers. One such incident involved him allegedly stumbling out onto a crowded highway while severely hungover, narrowly avoiding being hit by passing cars. The disorientation and impaired judgment caused by his alcohol-induced hangover almost resulted in a devastating tragedy. This episode serves as a reminder that even the most legendary of rock stars are not impervious to the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

9) Tragedy in the Sky: The Plane Accident that Claimed Randy Rhoades’ Life


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During a tour in 1982, tragedy struck in a shocking plane accident. Ozzy was traveling in a bus while his guitarist, Randy Rhoades, was flying low in a small aircraft nearby. The plane clipped the top of the bus, causing a fatal crash that claimed the lives of both the pilot and Randy Rhoades. In yet another eerie twist of fate, Ozzy, who was in the bus, emerged unharmed. This horrifying incident serves as a sobering reminder of the unexpected events that can unfold even in the midst of seemingly routine activities, leaving survivors to grapple with the randomness of life and the fragility of human existence.

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