Oliver Anthony Reveals His Mission During a Podcast Interview with Jordan Peterson

Oliver Anthony Reveals His Mission During a Podcast Interview with Jordan Peterson | Society Of Rock Videos

via Jordan B Peterson / YouTube

In a captivating and enlightening 2-hour podcast interview with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Oliver Anthony opened up about his newfound fame and shared his heartfelt mission as a rising public figure.

Anthony began by addressing criticism that he’s been labeled a “fence sitter” without a clear call to action.

In response, he quoted a profound message from Jesus, saying:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is, Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Anthony believes that if people prioritize these principles, many of the conflicts in our world could be resolved.

The podcast started with a friendly exchange, where Peterson revealed his love for country music vinyl records and how he curates a Spotify playlist for road trips with his wife, encompassing the essence of American country-western music.

Peterson then delved into Anthony’s journey, acknowledging the recent media whirlwind surrounding him and inquiring about what made his song go viral.

Anthony recounted his rapid rise to fame, emphasizing that the song was recorded on a Saturday, uploaded on a Tuesday, and by Thursday, he was on an unexpected rollercoaster of attention. Despite internet rumors about him agreeing to perform at the Super Bowl and attending Burning Man, Anthony maintains his composure and doesn’t take the wild stories too seriously. He focuses on the blessing of opportunities, like being on the podcast with Peterson and other notable figures.

When asked about turning down an $8 million contract offer, Anthony expressed his deep connection to music.

He revealed that his songs, like “Rich Men North Of Richmond” and “I’ve Got To Get Sober,” were originally created for himself but have unintentionally touched the lives of many others. Anthony believes that people are searching for a return to humanity in their lives.

“Music is important to me. Like, these songs that I wrote, I wrote for me. And inadvertently it has helped a lot of other people. Not just ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ but ‘I’ve Got To Get Sober.’ That’s one I just recorded on my Andriod phone and if you look through the comments and emails I’ve gotten…I had a gentleman the other day tell me his brother had commited suicide, he had been struggling with drugs for years, and this was a big gruff guy that looked like he could kill me with two fingers. And we hugged each other and as he cried he told me this (that his songs helped him) and that’s what’s improtant to me.”

Rather than turning his music into a profit-driven enterprise, Anthony’s mission is to inspire fellow musicians to create and share their art without the pressures of commercial success.

He encourages artists to focus on their creative impulses and connect with their audience genuinely.

Looking ahead, Anthony envisions his music evolving into something more meaningful, possibly a non-profit or ministry, rather than merely performing at stadiums. He wants to impact people’s lives in a profound way beyond the realm of music.

The podcast interview offers a deep dive into Anthony’s life, from the lives he’s touched to the songs he’s currently working on. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in his inspiring journey.

To watch the full interview and learn more about Oliver Anthony’s remarkable mission, click the play button on the video below.

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