Oliver Anthony Dives Deep in Candid Joe Rogan Interview – Reflects on “Rich Men North of Richmond” — Watch

Oliver Anthony Dives Deep in Candid Joe Rogan Interview – Reflects on “Rich Men North of Richmond” — Watch | Society Of Rock Videos

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Oliver Anthony, the maestro behind the chart-topping sensation “Rich Men North of Richmond,” has recently engaged in an expansive two-hour dialogue on The Joe Rogan Experience. The interview not only offers insights into his life but delves into an array of thought-provoking subjects.

In the wake of a heartfelt video last week, where he expressed discomfort with being associated with any political side, Anthony remained enigmatic about the political undertones of “Rich Men.”

His succinct response, “at least I know I’m doing something right,” hints at the song’s ability to unsettle both ends of the spectrum. However, the interview soon cascaded into the quintessential Rogan discourse: a journey through various topics that blend grace and the casualness of friendly bar conversations.

The conversation spiraled into diverse tangents, covering the tapestry of society’s woes, celebrity culture, heritage, child stars, the internet’s impact, government corruption, big pharma, microplastics, and fitness. Remarkably, this spectrum of themes unfolded within just the initial hour.

Amidst the engaging dialogue, an unexpected theme arose that captivated Anthony’s attention: pornography.

The discourse surfaced while dissecting corporations denied bailouts. Anthony expressed:

“That stuff’s terrible for people. That’s one thing I had to give up because it does disconnect you from reality in many ways.”

He alluded to his song’s references and delved into how certain behaviors that were once unthinkable are now surfacing. Anthony articulated the concern that individuals can fall into detrimental patterns by pursuing the rush of pleasure, much like an addictive drug, emphasizing its impact on relationships and lives. (https://fooplugins.com)

Shifting gears, the conversation shifted towards pharmaceutical companies advertising on television.

Anthony recounted his personal experiences with SSRIs, highlighting the overpowering side effects that sometimes eclipse the benefits. He mused”

“I think there’s alternatives to pharmacy medicine in a lot of cases, maybe even if it’s just habits.”

Anthony advocated for a more comprehensive approach, blending medications with lifestyle adjustments. He cited an example of a relative managing health with medication while forgoing dietary improvements, underlining the need for a balanced strategy.

Watch the interview in the video below:

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