Musician Passed Away Unaware of Being Part of the ‘Final’ Beatles Song

Musician Passed Away Unaware of Being Part of the ‘Final’ Beatles Song | Society Of Rock Videos

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In a heartwarming yet bittersweet turn of events, the late viola player, Caroline Buckman, has been revealed to be part of the string section in the Beatles’ “final” song, “Now and Then.” Caroline, who tragically succumbed to breast cancer at the age of 48 in March 2023, participated in a recording session just 11 months before her passing, unaware of the magnitude of the project she was contributing to.

The story began in April 2022 when Buckman, along with several other musicians, was enlisted for a three-hour recording session.

They were informed they would be working with Paul McCartney, but the nature of the project was kept under wraps. The musicians, including Buckman, were given sheet music titled “Give & Take,” a clever decoy to conceal the true identity of the song. Little did they know, they were about to become a part of music history.

During the session, McCartney, ever-present and deeply immersed in the music-making process, shared a memorable moment with the musicians. When offered the chance to sit in the mixing room, he declined, stating, “No, this is where the magic happens… I just wanna sit here and enjoy it.”  McCartney’s genuine passion for the music set the tone for the session, creating an atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie.

For Buckman, who boasted an impressive career, having worked on iconic projects like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Breaking Bad, the session marked a unique experience.

In an unexpected departure from her usual routine, she approached McCartney and asked him to sign her sheet music, something she had never done before. Her boyfriend, Mitch Brown, shared, “She was super-thrilled. She said, ‘I played with Paul McCartney today.’”  This excitement reflected the sheer joy she felt in the moment.

The revelation of Buckman’s contribution came as a surprise to her family, especially her mother, Erika. On November 1, Erika received a phone call confirming her daughter’s presence on “Now and Then.” Overwhelmed with emotion, she expressed,  “You’re going to make me cry,” adding: “She would have been delirious about it. It is sad… [but] I’m very proud.”  Erika’s pride in her daughter’s musical legacy shines through, even in the face of the poignant realization that Buckman was unaware of her part in creating the final masterpiece by the legendary Beatles.

Caroline Buckman’s story stands as a testament to the power of music, bringing people together, transcending time, and immortalizing the talents of extraordinary individuals, even when they are no longer with us. Her contribution to “Now and Then” will forever be cherished by Beatles fans around the world, a beautiful tribute to an incredibly talented musician who played her part in the band’s legacy, even without knowing it.

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