Metallica Now Jokes About The Drums Of “St. Anger”

Metallica Now Jokes About The Drums Of “St. Anger” | Society Of Rock Videos

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Metallica recently shared a post highlighting that some songs from their album St. Anger are now available on the guitar instruction app Fender Play, playfully acknowledging the notorious drum sound of Lars Ulrich.

Even more than two decades later, Metallica’s self-awareness about the unique drum sound on St. Anger remains both amusing and confirming. This distinct sound, characterized by Ulrich’s unconventional snare tone, a lack of traditional cymbals, and an unpolished feel, has been a subject of debate among fans, contributing to the mixed reception of the album.

In a social media post, Metallica humorously referred to St. Anger as “everyone’s favorite album” and encouraged fans to dust off their guitars and start learning songs like ‘Frantic,’ ‘St. Anger,’ ‘Some Kind of Monster,’ and ‘The Unnamed Feeling’ on Fender Play. The band’s playful tone suggests a lighthearted embrace of the controversy surrounding the album.

The Controversial St. Anger Drum Sound

The debate over Lars Ulrich’s snare sound on St. Anger continues to be a topic of discussion even after more than two decades. During the album’s recording in 2003, Ulrich opted for a unique approach by mostly playing his drum without snares, resulting in a distinctive “ring” sound rather than the typical “pop” associated with engaged snares.

While the initial drum sound may have started as an unintentional choice, Ulrich later confirmed it was a deliberate decision. In an interview, he expressed full support for the controversial drum sound, stating, “I stand behind it a hundred percent because at that moment, that was the truth.” Ulrich’s unwavering endorsement adds another layer to the ongoing dialogue about the unconventional elements that define St. Anger.

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