7 Onstage Meltdowns of Axl Rose

7 Onstage Meltdowns of Axl Rose | Society Of Rock Videos

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W. Axl Rose, the indomitable frontman of Guns N’ Roses, is as notorious for his late arrivals and outlandish onstage antics as he is admired for his electrifying performances. Many controversial incidents have become as much a part of his legendary persona as his distinctive vocals. For those who admire his audacity or simply seek to understand his volatile stage presence, here are seven of his most remarkable onstage tantrums in closer detail.

1. When the Camera Triggers the Inner Beast

During a performance at the height of his fame, Axl abruptly stopped mid-song to berate a fan for using a camera. In a show of classic Axl defiance, he leapt off stage and into the crowd when his demand for security to eject the fan was ignored. The icing on the cake? The rest of the band continued to jam, providing a rocking soundtrack to Axl’s spectacle.

2. Setting the Stage for Chaos

Guns N’ Roses’ concerts of the late ’80s set the early stage for chaotic scenes, with 1988 reports of riot-like conditions at their New York shows. Even more harrowing was the Monsters of Rock festival in England where, despite not exactly being a riot, the tragedy that struck was an ominous prelude to the future combustive energy of their performances, resulting in the loss of two fans.

Young Axl Rose, still honing his unpredictable edge, would soon graduate to grander scales of disorder. The “Use Your Illusion” tour of the early ’90s transformed riots into a recurring motif in the band’s live narrative, almost a bizarre counterpoint to their epic balladry.

3. The Saga of Bottle Throwers

On another occasion, Axl brought the show to a halt when a fan hurled a water bottle onto the stage. His heated “STOP!” echoed his intolerance for audience misconduct, suggesting that perhaps, he didn’t appreciate any unexpected showers while performing.

4. The Undergarments Conundrum

After numerous incidents involving thrown bottles, one can’t help but imagine if Axl’s reaction would be funnier or more perplexed if, say, a pair of ladies’ knickers made their way onto the stage instead?

5. The Curfew Misfit

During a 2006 performance in Newcastle, Axl’s tantrum flared once again when an object was tossed from the crowd. This fiery interruption led many to wonder if Axl somehow morphed into an irritable ogre after midnight. Though speculative, it makes for an amusing hypothesis for fans and spectators alike.

6. The Challenge to Fisticuffs

On another memorable occasion, Axl challenged a rowdy concertgoer, saying, “Come up on stage; I’ll knock you the f- out.” This unabashed declaration was a shocking highlight to his raw, unfiltered nature, and his readiness to defend his performance space, making it a moment yet impossible to forget for fans.


7. The Dublin Incident

Axl’s tardiness in arriving onstage at a Dublin concert in 2010 summed up a classic Rose equation: a late Axl equals annoyed fans, and when you add bottles to the mix, the situation certainly goes uphill. His infamous outburst amplified his impulsive side, to the stun of both fans and foes.

Between the reveling charisma and the undeniable talent, Axl Rose’s rebellious spirit serves as another layer in the complex character that he is. Each of these incidents reveals a different facet of his audacious persona, but they all converge to one universal fact – AXL IS NEVER BORING.

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