Kid Rock Donates $5,000 to Ex-Marine in Subway Chokehold Case

Kid Rock Donates $5,000 to Ex-Marine in Subway Chokehold Case | Society Of Rock Videos

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In the act of philanthropy, Kid Rock gave $5,000 to cover Daniel Penny‘s legal costs as he battles second-degree manslaughter allegations related to the death of Jordan Neely on the train.

The assault was caught on camera, showing Penny placing Neely in a chokehold that caused him to lose consciousness. Although Penny may face a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison, Kid Rock has expressed admiration for him, labeling him as a ‘hero.’

Ex-Marine Released on Bail

The ex-Marine, who had been involved in a physical altercation with a homeless man named Neely on May 1 while traveling in the same F subway car in Manhattan, has been released on bail and is expected to appear in court in July.

According to eyewitnesses, Neely had expressed his hunger and frustration before the Marine put him in a chokehold. A video of the incident has gone viral on Facebook, which shows the Black man being restrained by three men and struggling as he is pinned down. Neely then lost consciousness and was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, where he was later declared dead. (

A forensic expert later concluded that Neely’s death resulted from the use of a chokehold on his neck.

The incident sparked widespread protests throughout New York City, with people demanding justice for Neely and his family.

Steven M. Raiser, Penny’s attorney, refutes the notion that race played a role in the killing, stating that the motive behind Penny’s actions was solely to protect the passengers’ safety. Raiser explains:

“His mindset was pretty straightforward: He was concerned about the safety of the passengers… So, when he took action, his intention was to safeguard his fellow passengers from potential harm.”

Supporters Unite Behind Penny

As the legal proceedings progress, Penny’s legal team has received a substantial amount of financial support on GiveSendGo, with donations exceeding $2.4 million (£1.9m).

This included Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, who donated $10,000 according to the webpage.

Among the 50,000 donors was Kid Rock, who contributed over $5,000 to the fund along with a message about his donation. The message stated:

“Mr. Penny is a hero… [Manhattan District Attorney] Alvin Bragg is a POS — Kid Rock.”

Later, a representative for Kid Rock confirmed that the funds indeed came from the musician.

In response to the donations, Raiser, the organization behind the fundraiser, expressed the significance of the support beyond the monetary value. They saw it as a representation of standing up for one another in the face of immediate danger.

A Demand for Truth and Justice

The family of Neely, who has tragically lost a loved one, is grieving terribly and demanding retribution for their son’s untimely death. In their eyes, Penny’s actions resulted in Neely’s death, and they firmly believe that she should be held accountable for the crime of murder.

The family is actively engaging with the local authorities, providing them with every possible piece of evidence and witness testimonies that shed light on the events leading up to Neely’s passing. They firmly maintain that Penny’s acts were a conscious choice that resulted in irreparable damage rather than being accidental or inadvertent.

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