Kid Doubles Down And Shreds Masterful Cover Of Both Guitar And Bass Parts Of Rush’s “2112”!

Kid Doubles Down And Shreds Masterful Cover Of Both Guitar And Bass Parts Of Rush’s “2112”! | Society Of Rock Videos

Image via YouTube channel jbrooks95

If he learns the drums he can be a one man band!

Why play one, when you can play them both! That’s what this young guitarist thought when he decided to cover both the guitar and bass parts of Rush’s epic song “2112.” YouTuber jbrooks95 took on the challenge and amazed us all with his skilled, and masterful cover of this classic!

He completely nails both parts to the point where if you close your eyes, you’d probably mistake his playing from the actual instruments on the track! It’s truly wonderful to see a musician this skilled, and you have to imagine that if Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson or Neil Peart saw this cover, it’d immediately ring a smile to their face!

Fun Fact: The lyrics of “2112” are based on the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand, a writer and philosopher who grew up in Russia, but moved to the US as a young adult. She often wrote about the concept of “Objectivism,” which focuses on reason, self-interest, and objective reality. The narrator of this story is never named.

If you’re a Rush fan, or just a music fan in general, you have to check this kid out! He’s got some other great covers on his YouTube channel, many of which are Rush covers. So check out his cover of “2112: Overture” down below!

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