Keith Richards Reveals His Top 3 George Harrison Songs

Keith Richards Reveals His Top 3 George Harrison Songs | Society Of Rock Videos

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During the 1960s, music underwent a remarkable transformation, largely influenced by several British bands. Leading this musical and cultural revolution were The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, both of which completely redefined the potential of rock and roll. They were part of the British Invasion, captivating the world with their innovative music and stylish image.

The impact of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on youth culture was monumental, representing the younger generation’s desire to break free from post-war conformity and lethargy. The ‘Swinging Sixties’ became a time of experimentation and freedom, with these bands providing the soundtrack to the era.

Rivals on Stage, Friends Offstage

Although there were rumors of rivalry between the two bands, they were actually quite close. Keith Richards, the guitarist of The Rolling Stones, especially found a connection with George Harrison. When Harrison passed away in 2001, Richards shared memories in an edition of Rolling Stone called ‘Remembering George,’ describing:

“George and I kind of formed -without talking too much about it, although we did have a laugh here and there- a bond, in that we felt we were kind of fulfilling the same role within our respective bands. It was a nod and a wink to say, ‘Well, they’d be nowhere without us.’”

He then continued:

“So George and I always used to have that thing of, ‘Well, how’s your end holding up?’ He was a very quiet and enigmatic guy in many ways. He had a very sly sense of humour, very quiet. But there was always this unspoken bond between us.”

Richards, a big fan of The Beatles, particularly admired Harrison’s songwriting. In the tribute, he highlighted three of Harrison’s songs that he loved the most: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Something,” and “My Sweet Lord.” The first two appeared on The Beatles’ albums, and “My Sweet Lord” was part of Harrison’s successful solo album, All Things Must Pass, which demonstrated his excellence beyond The Beatles and remains one of his finest works.

Keith Richards’ Favorite George Harrison Songs:

  • ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’
  • ‘Something’
  • ‘My Sweet Lord’

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