John Lydon’s Harshest Comments About Other Bands

John Lydon’s Harshest Comments About Other Bands | Society Of Rock Videos

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Punk rock isn’t just about the music; it’s about attitude, rebellion, and speaking your mind. Few embody this spirit as boldly as John Lydon, the outspoken frontman of the Sex Pistols. Whether you love him or loathe him, Lydon’s knack for brutal honesty has always kept the music scene on its toes.

Lydon’s sharp observations cut much beyond the punk subgenre, touching on glam, classic rock, and other genres. His biting comments spare no one, winning him equal parts admirers and opponents. Here’s a peek at ten well-known rock bands that Lydon has harshly criticized:

1. Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne’s showmanship didn’t convince Lydon to change his mind about heavy metal, even though Black Sabbath’s tremendous sound did. Even while Lydon recognized the genius of songs like “Paranoid,” he criticized Osbourne’s actions, saying they were disrespectful to the working class.

2. Kiss
Known for their flamboyant stage presence, Kiss found themselves in Lydon’s crosshairs for what he saw as a manufactured image. To him, the makeup and costumes overshadowed any genuine musical substance.

3. Guns N’ Roses
Amidst controversy and rockstar antics, Guns N’ Roses found themselves on Lydon’s blacklist. He rejected their establishment ties, refusing to indulge in what he perceived as hollow rockstar bravado.

4. The Eagles
Despite their commercial success, Lydon dismissed The Eagles as purveyors of “doom-laden” music devoid of humor. He singled out Don Henley for taking himself too seriously, equating him with other self-proclaimed intellectuals in the industry.

5. The Clash
While Joe Strummer praised the Sex Pistols as punk pioneers, Lydon returned the favor with skepticism. He questioned Strummer’s authenticity, dismissing his purported class warfare while living a life of luxury.

6. U2
Lydon saw U2 as a symbol of everything that was wrong with the music business, including their songs’ lack of authenticity and real-life experience. He was unabashed in his view that their absence would be preferable to the state of the planet.

7. Depeche Mode
Despite not being a conventional rock group, Lydon was still critical of Depeche Mode’s manufactured sound. Although he praised their use of technology, he was disappointed by their lack of zeal and enthusiasm for live performances.

8. Television
Lydon found little appeal in Television’s cerebral approach to music, dismissing it as overly intellectual and disconnected from real life. He urged bands to focus on personal experiences rather than literary references.

9. Green Day
As torchbearers of the post-punk revival, Green Day faced Lydon’s wrath for what he saw as imitation without substance. He chastised them for lacking the depth and authenticity he deemed essential to the true punk ethos.

10. Nirvana
John Lydon said some quite unpleasant things about Nirvana, even though they are frequently hailed as one of the bands that defined the grunge movement and that they revolutionized the music world in the early ’90s. Lydon wasn’t pleased, even with their enormous fame and Kurt Cobain’s iconic position.

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