John Lennon Reportedly Cheated 300 Times On First Wife

John Lennon Reportedly Cheated 300 Times On First Wife | Society Of Rock Videos

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John Lennon and Cynthia, his first wife, met when they were teenagers and fell in love. But everything changed when The Beatles became famous. Lennon’s newfound celebrity status led him to cheat on Cynthia with many groupies, possibly hundreds of them. This strained their relationship as the pressures and temptations of fame took a toll on their marriage.

John Lennon Allegedly Admits to Infidelity with 300 Women During Marriage to Cynthia

Lennon was no stranger to the attention of women, and it only intensified tenfold when he achieved fame. From groupies to fellow actors to journalists, they all took their chances with the Beatles. In fact, according to The Love You Make by Peter Brown and Steven Gaines, just a few weeks before Cynthia caught Lennon with Yoko Ono in their home, he had confessed to his numerous infidelities.

In the book, it is revealed that Lennon had admitted to dozens of affairs that had taken place during their eight-year marriage, shocking Cynthia, who had been completely unaware of his indiscretions. His infidelities were numerous and widespread, a revelation that left Cynthia realizing how much she didn’t know about her famous husband’s secret life.

His list of conquests included names like the American folk singer Joan Baez, English actress Eleanor Bron, Evening Standard journalist Maureen Cleave, American pop singer Jackie De Shannon, and an estimated three hundred other girls from cities all around the world.

The Meeting That Shook The World: John and Yoko Ono’s Story

The initial encounter between Lennon and Ono took place at a London art gallery in 1966, when Ono was showing her art piece known as “Unfinished Paintings and Objects.” Ono was seven years older than Lennon and already married to Anthony Cox, a film and art producer, and had a child.

However, as Lennon and Ono spent more time together over the next two years, their connection grew stronger. Cynthia, Lennon’s then-wife, became concerned when Ono began calling him at unusual hours of the day and night. Cynthia felt uncertain about Ono’s involvement in Lennon’s life.

How John and Cythia’s Marriage Ended

Lennon and Cynthia’s relationship has been unstable for some years due to Lennon’s repeated indiscretions. However, he didn’t genuinely fall in love until he met Ono. Lennon and Ono had a close friendship and bond over the period of two years.

Cynthia arrived from her vacation only to find Lennon and Ono dressed in robes and surrounded by unwashed dishes. When Cynthia tried to talk to Lennon about their dinner arrangements, he dismissed her and showed little interest in repairing their marriage, which surprised her.

She had had enough and made the decision to leave Lennon. The divorce became official later that year, and Lennon and Ono married the following year at the British Consulate Office in Gibraltar. As they went on their famous “bed-in” for peace, utilizing their platform to speak out against the Vietnam War, their romance acquired worldwide notice as well.

Lennon and Ono remained together for many years until Lennon was tragically murdered and killed in 1980. Their partnership had a lasting impact on the world, with many remembering their advocacy and love for one another. Despite the controversy and crisis that surrounded their relationship’s beginnings, Lennon and Ono’s love for each other lasted until Lennon’s untimely death.

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