Nuno Bettencourt Responds to Joe Satriani’s ‘Screwed-Up’ Van Halen Attempt: ‘I’m Pissed’

Nuno Bettencourt Responds to Joe Satriani’s ‘Screwed-Up’ Van Halen Attempt: ‘I’m Pissed’ | Society Of Rock Videos

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Guitar maestro Nuno Bettencourt recently shared his thoughts on Joe Satriani’s daring attempt to play Van Halen songs during a Howard Stern appearance, expressing both caution and a touch of frustration. In an interview with Jeremy White, Bettencourt didn’t hold back, highlighting the risks involved in stepping onto the sacred ground of Eddie Van Halen’s iconic repertoire.

“The one thing that I learned recently of seeing Joe or anybody, me, Joe, anybody, if we’re gonna take a risk and we’re gonna play an Edward anything, especially on Howard Stern or anything like that, where you know you can’t get it back, good luck.”

Bettencourt emphasized the challenge of tackling Van Halen’s catalog, recognizing the difficulty of replicating Eddie Van Halen’s distinctive style, a task fraught with potential pitfalls.

“That’s all I’m saying is good luck. Why? Because you’re going now into hallowed ground.”

The guitar virtuoso extended some understanding to Satriani, acknowledging the pressure of attempting to embody the unparalleled talent of Eddie Van Halen.

However, Bettencourt redirected some of his frustration toward Sammy Hagar for green-lighting the risky venture.

 “I’m more pissed at Sammy (Hagar) for allowing him to do it. ‘Cause Sammy’s, like, ‘Man, that’s why I got Joe. ( Nobody can do this stuff.’”


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Expressing his disappointment in Hagar’s decision to put Satriani on the spot, Bettencourt emphasized the difficulty of the task and the potential consequences of attempting to replicate Van Halen’s iconic sound.

“And I’m, like, look, you’re, you’re right there. You’re already putting him on the spot and doing those things and asking people to play those things. It’s really difficult. And if you’re gonna do it, man and Joe probably knows this now, ’cause…”

He concluded by acknowledging Satriani’s mastery in his own right, cautioning against attempting to replicate the untouchable Joe Satriani.

“Joe is untouchable as Joe Satriani. He’s the greatest Joe Satriani you’ll ever hear… Nobody can attack you when you’re doing you…”

During the interview, Nuno Bettencourt sheds light on the complexities of attempting to play Van Halen’s music and the delicate balance between paying tribute and risking the ire of devoted fans.

Watch the full interview below:

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