James Brown’s Daughters Opens Up About Their Father’s Past and Influence

James Brown’s Daughters Opens Up About Their Father’s Past and Influence | Society Of Rock Videos

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A new documentary on A&E, James Brown: Say It Loud, delves into the remarkable career of the iconic singer James Brown. Featuring captivating footage and interviews with notable figures like Mick Jagger and LL Cool J, the documentary also offers insights from members of Brown’s family, providing a personal glimpse into the man behind the music.

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, James Brown’s daughters, Dr. Deanna Brown Thomas and Dr. Yamma Brown shared their thoughts on participating in the documentary. Dr. Thomas emphasized the importance of the younger generation learning about their father’s legacy:

“They listen to all his music because he’s in every genre of music. They get to hear a piece of him, so now they get to learn where is this source, who is this source, where does he come from, and from different perspectives as well.”

During the documentary’s production, the sisters gained new perspectives on their father’s life and impact. Dr. Brown expressed appreciation for the widespread admiration and respect directed towards James Brown, highlighting his role as a mentor and advisor to many, including political figures.

Brown’s Family Confronts His Troubled Past

Despite celebrating their father’s achievements, the documentary also addresses the challenging aspects of his life, including instances of domestic violence. Dr. Brown and Dr. Thomas candidly discussed their father’s flaws, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging past mistakes and demonstrating grace towards oneself and others.

Dr. Thomas revealed that their father had apologized to their mother before his passing, underscoring the significance of acknowledging and addressing past wrongs. Reflecting on his enduring musical legacy, Dr. Brown expressed pride in her father’s ongoing impact on music and culture.

The next episode of “James Brown: Say It Loud” is set to air on February 20th at 8 p.m. on A&E, continuing the exploration of James Brown’s influential legacy.

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