How Eagles’ “Take It To The Limit” Made Them Fight

How Eagles’ “Take It To The Limit” Made Them Fight | Society Of Rock Videos

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A story of inner agony that finally led to Randy Meisner’s departure from the band is hidden under the catchy beauty of “Take It To The Limit,” one of the Eagles‘ most well-known songs, which he co-wrote with Glenn Frey and Don Henley.

Behind the Meaning of “Take It To The Limit”

Life on the road as a touring musician is relentless. Endless nights of performances, limited sleep, and the constant grind push individuals to their limits. It’s this very essence that inspired “Take It To The Limit.”

In the song, Meisner reflects on the challenges of this lifestyle, admitting to feeling overwhelmed by its demands. Yet, he also expresses a determination to persevere, encapsulated in the iconic line, “Take it to the limit.”

Meisner believed that it was important to keep going after seeing everything, even when one was worn out. He previously clarified that it’s about overcoming fatigue and starting each day with fresh optimism.

“You know I’ve always been a dreamer
And it’s so hard to change
Can’t seem to settle down
But the dreams I’ve seen lately
Keep on turning out and burning out and turning out the same
So put me on a highway
Show me a sign
Take it to the limit
One more time”

The Fight That “Take It To The Limit” Caused

While the recorded version of “Take It To The Limit” showcases Meisner’s ability to hit the high notes flawlessly, it wasn’t always smooth sailing during live performances. The pressure to replicate that moment created immense anxiety for Meisner, especially when it came to encore performances.

One particular incident saw Meisner refusing to perform the song as an encore during an Eagles show. This decision didn’t sit well with Frey, leading to a heated altercation between the two bandmates.

In the end, “Take It To The Limit” tension played a factor in Meisner’s departure from the Eagles. The song is nevertheless a monument to Meisner’s skill and a reminder of the intricacies inside the band despite the internal strife it brought about.

Ultimately, “Take It To The Limit” changed the dynamics of the Eagles forever by not only reaching new musical heights but also revealing the underlying conflicts inside the group.

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