Hear The Eagles’ Don Felder + Joe Walsh’s Isolated “Hotel California” Guitar Tracks

Hear The Eagles’ Don Felder + Joe Walsh’s Isolated “Hotel California” Guitar Tracks | Society Of Rock Videos

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Don Felder And Joe Walsh’s Guitar Masterpiece

We all know the iconic story of ‘Hotel California’, the hotel you could ‘check out of anytime you like’ but never leave, but that wasn’t what intrigued us! What intrigued us was the warm, California-soaked melody written by Eagles guitarist Don Felder that suddenly took us from our boring, every day lives to cruising down a California freeway at sunset.

Featuring the talents of Joe Walsh and Don Felder, this isolated guitar track from ‘Hotel California’ embodies that entire feeling in a way that’s unobstructed by vocals, bass, and drums and allowed to just flow freely and naturally.

Inspired By California
Eagles guitarist Don Felder says of ‘Hotel California’s magic, “I was soaking wet in a bathing suit, sitting on the couch, thinking the world is a wonderful place to be and tinkling around with this acoustic 12-string when those ‘Hotel California’ chords just oozed out…every once in a while it seems like the cosmos part and something great falls into your lap.”

The combination of Walsh and Felder made for a timeless classic that set the standard for acoustic rock songs thereafter. Felder was right: sometimes, something great really does just fall into your lap when you aren’t expecting it!

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