Gerry Rafferty’s ’78 “Baker Street” Perfomance Will Make You Miss Him More Than Ever

Gerry Rafferty’s ’78 “Baker Street” Perfomance Will Make You Miss Him More Than Ever | Society Of Rock Videos

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De-stressing On Baker Street

Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” will always be one of his most intimate and personal songs and performances. Performing this classic on a German TV Show in 1978, you will see a very “out of it” performer lip syncing to his own beautiful song. In the 60’s and 70’s it was not uncommon for performers to lip sync to their studio tracks and Gerry could literally not be more obvious in this particular one.

Written about a man could dreamt of moving away from his troubles, but still being stuck in his own neighborhood with his drunken antics, “Baker Street” was released after Gerry’s issues with Stealers Wheel in 1975. At the time, Gerry confided in a friend that lived on Baker Street to get his mind off of the drama with the band and it displays his deep appreciation for this individual at such a hard time.

Interesting Quote: “Everybody was suing each other, so I spent a lot of time on the overnight train from Glasgow to London for meetings with lawyers. I knew a guy who lived in a little flat off Baker Street. We’d sit and chat or play guitar there through the night.” – Gerry Rafferty

In this video you will a see a man half singing/ lip syncing to a recorded track and, at first, it is a little disappointing, but Gerry was an extremely private guy and we were lucky to find live footage of him! Miss you buddy… RIP.

+ Baker Street Lyrics +

Winding your way down on Baker Street
Lite in your head, and dead on your feet
Well another crazy day, you drink the night away
And forget about everything
This city desert makes you feel so cold
Its got so many people but its got no soul
And it’s taken you so long to find out you were wrong
When you thought it held everything.
You used to think that it was so easy
You used to say that it was so easy
But you’re tryin, you’re tryin now
Another year and then you’d be happy
Just one more year and then you’d be happy
But you’re cryin’, you’re cryin’ now
Way down the street there’s a light in his place
You open the door, he’s got that look on his face
And he asks you where you’ve been, you tell him who you’ve seen
And you talk about anything
He’s got this dream about buyin’ some land
He’s gonna give up the booze and the one night stands
And then he’ll settle down, it’s a quiet little town
And forget about everything
But you know he’ll always keep moving
You know he’s never gonna stop moving
‘Cause he’s rollin
He’s the rolling stone
And when you wake up it’s a new morning
The sun is shining, it’s a new morning
And you’re going, you’re going home


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