Fans Walk Out During Roger Waters’ Profanity-Laced Performance In London

Fans Walk Out During Roger Waters’ Profanity-Laced Performance In London | Society Of Rock Videos

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Roger Waters, the iconic Pink Floyd rocker, stirred disappointment among fans during his recent concert in London. The event marked the first performance since the release of The Dark Side of the Moon Redux, Waters’ reimagining of Pink Floyd’s 1973 classic.

While some attendees eagerly anticipated the live debut of material from the album, the evening took an unexpected turn.

During the show, Waters surprised the audience by reading from his unreleased autobiography for nearly an hour.

He delved into anecdotes about his pets, including a duck named Donald, leaving some attendees bewildered. Another topic of discussion was WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Waters also attempted to share memories of Syd Barrett, the original leader of Pink Floyd, but the anecdotes reportedly lacked depth.

As some audience members began talking among themselves, Waters expressed his agitation, declaring:

“If you want to tell stories, tell them in your own time to your own audience in your own fing theatre.” When a few fans decided to leave, he told them to “f off.”

After the spoken-word segment, Waters performed two songs, “The Bar” and “Mother,” followed by a 20-minute intermission and a short film chronicling the creation of The Dark Side of the Moon Redux. The album’s 11 songs were then delivered in sequence.

The frustration expressed by some attendees might have resulted from miscommunication, as the performance was always intended to be split into two parts: the first segment labeled as “Other Stuff” and the second being The Dark Side of the Moon Redux performed in its entirety.

Despite the controversy, there were fans who remained pleased with the experience, offering Waters a standing ovation at the end of the show.

Waters, no stranger to controversy, faced criticism earlier in the year for wearing a costume reminiscent of Nazi attire during a Berlin concert. The incident led to investigations by German police and accusations of using antisemitic tropes. Waters has consistently maintained that his support for Palestine is the reason behind the accusations of antisemitism, dismissing them as propaganda.

The concert, marked by its mixed reactions, underscores Waters’ ability to elicit strong emotions and opinions, both through his music and his controversial choices on stage.

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