Eric Clapton’s Love Letters Sent To Pattie Boyd Will Be Sold At Auction

Eric Clapton’s Love Letters Sent To Pattie Boyd Will Be Sold At Auction | Society Of Rock Videos

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A compelling tale of love and longing from the world of rock and roll is set to unfold as Pattie Boyd, a well-known model entangled in a famous love triangle with George Harrison and Eric Clapton, is ready to part with a collection of personal items, including cherished letters from Clapton.

Boyd, who was married to George Harrison from 1966 to 1977, has decided to let go of over 100 personal items, including heartfelt letters written by Clapton during his determined pursuit of her affection. The decision to sell these keepsakes was difficult for Boyd, who shared with the New York Times:

“Eric wrote the most divine, beautiful letters, and I don’t want to keep reading them. It hurts.”

In one letter dated 1970, Clapton writes, “It seems like an eternity since I last saw or spoke to you. What I wish to ask you is if you still love your husband or if you have another lover?” The depth of Clapton’s emotions is evident in these words, offering a glimpse into the intensity of their romance.

Another letter from 1971 reveals Clapton’s plea: “If you don’t want me, please break the spell that binds me. To cage a wild animal is a sin, to tame him is divine.” Such heartfelt expressions underscore the complexity of their relationship and Clapton’s unwavering desire for Boyd’s affection.

Clapton often referred to Boyd affectionately as “Layla” or simply “L,” which later inspired his iconic hit song, “Layla,” released in 1971 with Derek and the Dominos. Recalling her reaction to hearing the song for the first time, Boyd reminisces, “I just knew — knew, knew! — it was about me. I went hot and cold because it was beautiful, so intense and amazing.” However, the song’s resonance also evoked apprehension in Boyd, fearing George Harrison’s realization of its significance.

The Story Behind Clapton’s Love Letters

Boyd’s influence extended beyond Clapton’s music, as she also served as the inspiration for Harrison’s classic Beatles track “Something,” as well as Clapton’s 1977 ballad “Wonderful Tonight.” Her impact on the musical landscape remains significant, a testament to her presence in the lives of these legendary musicians.

As these cherished letters find their way to auction, they are expected to fetch approximately $19,000 each, reflecting their historical significance and the enduring allure of rock and roll romance. Alongside the letters, personal photographs, clothing, jewelry, and artwork from Boyd’s life will be available for bidding, offering enthusiasts a rare glimpse into the world of a rock and roll muse. The auction, running through March 22, presents an opportunity to own a piece of music history, preserving the passion and longing captured within Eric Clapton’s heartfelt letters to Pattie Boyd.

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