Duff McKagan Shares How Slash Saves Him From His Panic Attacks

Duff McKagan Shares How Slash Saves Him From His Panic Attacks | Society Of Rock Videos

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Duff McKagan, the bassist of Guns N’ Roses, has recently released a three-track EP titled This Is the Song to raise awareness for mental health during the month dedicated to it. In a press release, McKagan revealed that the title track was written during a panic attack. (https://flossdental.com/)

He expressed how during the attack, he felt overwhelmed, struggling to breathe and losing clarity. However, he found solace in his acoustic guitar, which became a source of refuge. He could gradually pull himself out of the difficult situation by holding onto the guitar, playing chords, and humming melodies.

McKagan acknowledges that not everyone has had comparable experiences and considers them lucky. However, he also hopes to reassure people who can identify with his feelings, letting them know that they are not alone in their struggles.

He has been transparent about his psychological well-being throughout his life. In 2020, he conversed with Lily Cornell, Chris Cornell’s daughter, as part of her interview series, Mind Wide Open.

McKagan shared his account of encountering his initial episode of intense anxiety at the age of 16, which was accompanied by a range of coping strategies, both beneficial and detrimental. In 1994, he embarked on a journey of sobriety, and since then, he has embraced meditation and martial arts as means of nurturing his mental well-being.

Slash Helped Him

He has received assistance from his friends throughout his journey. According to McKagan, Slash has been a dependable source of support for him during this time. They first met when McKagan moved to Los Angeles, and he confided in Slash about his struggles with panic attacks.

Slash listened attentively and reassured him that they would deal with any panic attacks together. McKagan experienced several panic attacks in Slash’s presence, but Slash knew how to handle the situation. He would steer the conversation away from the anxiety by engaging McKagan in discussions about other topics, such as the nuances of Led Zeppelin’s first album.

According to McKagan’s explanation, it took several decades for him to reach a stage where he found the rock-star lifestyle enjoyable. He mentioned that when Guns N’ Roses reunited, the relationships among the band members became wonderful.

They were communicating as mature individuals, and he felt that everything was just right. Being sober, he had the opportunity to experience this journey once again as an adult and truly value and admire the talents of Axl Rose and Slash.

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