Dee Snider Says Twister Sister Can Comeback For The Right Price

Dee Snider Says Twister Sister Can Comeback For The Right Price | Society Of Rock Videos

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Twisted Sister fans, brace yourselves – there’s a possibility the iconic band might be hitting the stage once again. In a recent interview with The Hook Rocks, lead rocker Dee Snider hinted at the band’s reunion, shedding light on discussions that have been stirring up excitement among fans.

Snider revealed that talks of a reunion have been gaining traction, fueled by tempting offers that the band simply can’t ignore. While it’s not a done deal yet, Snider admitted that the conversation has shifted from “never” to “what’s the plan if the right offer comes along?” This change marks a significant shift in the band’s stance, with discussions even touching on logistics like personal trainers, diets, and yes, even hair extensions.

The news comes almost two years after Twisted Sister’s last appearance in the Metal Hall of Fame, leaving fans hungry for more of their electrifying performances. But what’s the driving force behind this potential reunion?

Last year, Snider hinted at the band’s return, albeit for a different purpose. He mentioned plans to reunite for political rallies, particularly to reclaim their anthem, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” from being co-opted by extreme groups. According to Snider, the song is meant for everyone, advocating for individuality and freedom from oppression. With concerns about its misinterpretation, the band aimed to reaffirm its original message by performing at rallies that align with their values.

But amidst these plans, one question looms large – will Twisted Sister ever retire? Snider’s answer seems to be a resounding no. Expressing disdain for the trend of rockers announcing retirements only to stage comebacks later on, Snider emphasized his rejection of such gimmicks. While he doesn’t rule out the possibility of reunion shows, he’s adamant about not promising new performances.

For fans eagerly awaiting the return of Twisted Sister, these recent developments offer a glimmer of hope. With talks gaining momentum and the band reconsidering their stance on reunions, it might not be long before they grace the stage once again, bringing their signature energy and anthems to audiences hungry for a taste of rock history.

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