Dee Snider Doesn’t Hold Back, Delivers Harsh Words on KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE Reunions

Dee Snider Doesn’t Hold Back, Delivers Harsh Words on KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE Reunions | Society Of Rock Videos

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During Andrew Daly’s recent interview with singer Dee Snider opened up about the possibility of a Twisted Sister reunion and didn’t hold back when sharing his thoughts on the comebacks of iconic bands like KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE.

Twisted Sister Reunion? Not for Dee

When asked about the incredible response to Twisted Sister’s performance at the Metal Hall of Fame in January, and whether the band would consider a reunion tour or more one-off performances, Dee Snider had a clear answer. He mentioned that while the band could carry on without him, he personally wouldn’t participate. Dee Snider has a deep love for his bandmates and enjoyed reuniting with them briefly, but he firmly believes in not doing farewell tours only to return later, calling it a “pile of dogsh*t.

“The band Twisted Sister, as an entity, can do it without me if they wanted to, but if they were to go out, no, I would not participate. I have an incredible love for the guys, and it was great to get up there with them the other night. It was fun to rehearse with them and hang out with them, and we’re still really close friends, but that chapter of my life is behind me now. I’ve also loudly denounced bands who do the farewell tour thing and then come back a few years later; I think it is such a pile of dogsh*t.”

Dee Snider emphasized that he’s not a fan of bands that retire and then make a comeback a few years later. He prefers that bands stay on stage and keep performing as long as they can, citing examples like Rush, who played until Neil Peart couldn’t continue. Although he’s open to occasional fun performances, a full-blown reunion tour with long sets is a big “no” from him.

His Stance on Bands Like KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE

Dee Snider didn’t mince words when discussing bands like KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE, who find it challenging to say goodbye. He believes their motivations are primarily financial, even though they are already wealthy. According to Dee Snider, the desire for more money often takes precedence.

”Well, first of all, it’s about money, which is weird because it’s not like they don’t have any money. Certainly, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have plenty of money and don’t need it. Still, the desire for more money trumps all, right?

Interestingly, Dee Snider shared that he personally doesn’t miss the rush of being on stage and performing for thousands of fans. He recounted a conversation with his 90-year-old father, who asked if he missed the adoration from crowds. Dee Snider’s response was a resounding “no.” While he still enjoys some moments of adoration through public appearances and solo endeavors, he doesn’t crave the spotlight like some other artists might.

”I guess it could be that some of these guys miss the stage and the rush, but I can tell you that I don’t. It’s funny; my dad, who is in his 90s, asked me the other day, ‘Dee, don’t you miss it? Don’t you miss the thousands of people cheering you on?’

In Dee Snider’s view, bands like KISS and MÖTLEY CRÜE might miss the stage so much that they can’t let go of it. He, however, seems content with his decision to move on from Twisted Sister and focus on different aspects of his life.

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