David Lee Roth Criticizes Wolfgang Van Halen – “This Crazy Kid”

David Lee Roth Criticizes Wolfgang Van Halen – “This Crazy Kid” | Society Of Rock Videos

via David Lee Roth / Youtube

In a recent and candid YouTube video titled ‘This Crazy Kid..,’ David Lee Roth unleashed a verbal tirade against Wolfgang Van Halen, providing a glimpse into simmering backstage tensions during their tours. Roth alleges that Wolfgang consistently voiced dissatisfaction over what he perceived as insufficient attention during performances. Despite Roth’s best efforts to deliver captivating shows to thousands, Wolfgang reportedly complained to various staff members, accusing Roth of neglect.

Roth’s Contention Regarding Guest Handling

The acrimony reached a boiling point during a concert at Jones Beach, New York. Roth details an incident where Wolfgang, purportedly taking control of security, forcibly removed two women Roth had personally invited, further straining their already tense relationship. Roth paints a vivid picture of the New York City backdrop, underscoring how Wolfgang clandestinely ousted the women from the stage, exacerbating the brewing tension between them.

Reflecting on their Hollywood Bowl concert, Roth becomes emotional as he reminisces about their formative days at Gazzarri’s. He accuses Wolfgang of aggravating the situation by instructing security to expel a woman from backstage. Notably, she was not only Roth’s guest but also the accountant responsible for carrying paychecks and bonuses for the crew, adding financial implications to the already charged dispute.

Wolfgang’s Controversial Move and Roth’s Perspective on Sammy Hagar

Amidst this controversy, Roth shifts focus to another former Van Halen frontman, Sammy Hagar, in a video provocatively titled ‘The Ballad Of Popsicle Sam.’ Here, Roth mocks Hagar’s claim of being abducted by aliens, using it as a lens through which to view what he describes as Hagar’s ‘questionable conduct’ over the years. The video intensifies the ongoing drama, introducing another layer of critique and rivalry into the intricate dynamics of Van Halen’s history.

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