David Lee Roth Accumulates $92,000 Weed Bill

David Lee Roth Accumulates $92,000 Weed Bill | Society Of Rock Videos

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David Lee Roth Racks In High Pricetag For His High Times

In a recent candid YouTube video, former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth unveiled an astonishing $92,000 marijuana expenditure, confessing to daily cannabis use that surpasses his body weight and the gross national product of various emerging African nations. To substantiate his claim, Roth contacted his business manager, Jerry, who reluctantly confirmed the staggering marijuana bill from The Silver Lake dispensary. In a humorous tone, Roth deemed it a potential world record and a “world record special” in the realm of marijuana expenses.

Reflecting on his introduction to a Silver Lake dispensary, Roth recounted his quest for potent marijuana near Hollywood. Describing his energetic state and desire to watch lengthy films without interruption, Roth sought a robust strain. The dispensary staff suggested Skywalker OG, an aptly named variety that would allow him to watch both “Godfather” and “Godfather II” without needing breaks. Roth humorously shared his cinematic aspirations to enjoy classic films without the need for a bathroom break.

Legalized Life

Currently relying on cannabis delivery for his daily supply, Roth emphasized the legality and taxation of his transactions. He amusingly revealed that his substantial $92,000 cannabis bill was the result of a misplaced Post-it note at the Silver Lake dispensary. Roth explained that the dispensary kept a running tab on the lost note, leading to the accumulation of charges over the years. He humorously linked this misplacement to someone involved in growing marijuana, suggesting that only a cannabis enthusiast would lose a Post-it note for seven and a half years.

Watch David Lee Roth’s Roth Show and how he talks about cannabis culture

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