Jon Bon Jovi’s Reflections on Vocal Problems and the Future of Bon Jovi’s Touring

Jon Bon Jovi’s Reflections on Vocal Problems and the Future of Bon Jovi’s Touring | Society Of Rock Videos

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In a candid and introspective moment at the esteemed Pollstar Live! conference, Jon Bon Jovi, the iconic frontman of the legendary rock band Bon Jovi, took center stage to share his reflections on his recent vocal tribulations and to contemplate the band’s touring trajectory in the wake of their 40th anniversary milestone.

“It’s become public knowledge now, but I’ve had major reconstructive surgery in my vocal cords, and I never had anything like this, ever,” Bon Jovi disclosed with a tinge of vulnerability, peeling back the layers of his journey through vocal adversity. “So it’s been a difficult road, but I found a doctor in Philadelphia who did something called a medialization, because one of my cords was literally atrophied.”

Medical procedures and path to recovery

His revelation cast a spotlight on the profound challenges he has confronted in his quest for vocal restoration, shedding light on the intricate medical procedures and the arduous path to recovery that have defined his recent years. Despite his stature as a rock luminary, Bon Jovi’s candid admission of vulnerability struck a chord with fans and industry peers alike, emphasizing the human aspect of his storied career.

“Sometimes people get nodules; that’s pretty commonplace,” Bon Jovi elucidated, offering a glimpse into the common hurdles encountered by vocalists. “Sometimes deviated septums and things that they’ve done take [their] toll on the cords. The only thing that’s ever been up my nose has been my finger. So it was very difficult this last decade to have to contend with something that was out of my control.”


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Delving deeper into the intricacies of his medical journey, Bon Jovi delved into the realm of vocal cord medialization, a surgical technique aimed at restoring normal vocal function by repositioning paralyzed vocal folds. The complexity of the procedure, coupled with the painstaking process of rehabilitation, provided a poignant narrative of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Bon Jovi revealed with a glimmer of optimism, charting his course toward vocal recovery.

“But I’m getting very close. Friday night [at the MusiCares award ceremony] was my first live performance in two years. New record’s done. So now I just want to get back to two and a half hours a night, four nights a week, before I’m gonna go out there on the road for real. But I’m confident in my doctor.”

Amidst the speculation swirling around Bon Jovi’s touring future

Particularly in the wake of the band’s 2022 tour and the forthcoming Hulu docuseries, Bon Jovi remained circumspect about the prospect of hitting the road once again.

“My health has been first and foremost a topic of discussion, but I’m well on the road to recovery there,” he affirmed, underscoring the primacy of prioritizing his well-being above all else. “If I can’t be great, I’m out. And I think that the documentary that we’re about to put out addresses all of that. It’s called Thank You, Goodnight for a reason, and we’ll determine what happens there.”

Amidst the uncertainties shrouding Bon Jovi’s touring future, Bon Jovi emphasized the band’s commitment to celebrating their 40th anniversary through alternative creative avenues, including the release of a four-part documentary series and a forthcoming album. While the prospect of touring again remains nebulous, Bon Jovi’s steadfast dedication to delivering performances of the highest caliber serves as a testament to his enduring legacy as a pioneering figure in the annals of rock music.

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