Arnel Pineda on JOURNEY’s Potential Reunion with Steve Perry and Career Impact

Arnel Pineda on JOURNEY’s Potential Reunion with Steve Perry and Career Impact | Society Of Rock Videos

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In a chat with Rolling Stone, Arnel Pineda, the frontman of the iconic band Journey, shared his thoughts on the possibility of reuniting with the former lead singer, Steve Perry. Pineda, known for his upbeat personality and powerful vocals, revealed his openness to the idea, sparking excitement among fans.

Dreamy Encounter with an Icon: Arnel Meets Steve Perry

Expressing his amazement at the unexpected encounter with Perry, Pineda shared,

“I posted on Instagram that I had waited 35 years for that. It was dreamy. I couldn’t believe I met him since he’s very reclusive and he avoids people.”

Pineda reflected on the profound influence Perry had on him, stating,

“He’s one of my heroes when it comes to singing. I remember back in the ’80s, I would sleep on the bus with my Walkman on in my ears as his voice sang all these favorite songs from Journey.”


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A Career Sacrifice for the Love of Perry and Journey

When asked about the possibility of Perry’s return and the impact on his role in the band, Pineda responded,

“I miss them so much together. Every now and then, I watch their videos together. It’s always them with Steve Perry that I watch.”

Acknowledging the sentiment of fans who proclaim, “No Perry, No Journey,” Pineda sympathized,

“I understand it. Where I come from, we’re so influenced by Western music. We loved the originals, if you know what I mean.”

Addressing the potential impact on his career, Pineda shared a surprising perspective,

“That would be OK to me! I’m telling you. That’s how much I adore him and I adore Journey and how much I adore Steve Perry.”

Anticipation for the Future: Pineda’s Genuine Enthusiasm

Recounting a personal anecdote, Pineda revealed,

“Back in 2005, I resigned from my job in Hong Kong because I lost my voice due to acid reflux. I was telling my friends back then that my only regret was I lost my voice before I had the chance to sing side-by-side with Steve Perry.”

He continued,

“I just wish that one show with him… it would change my life forever. It’s been 30 years now, and the band keeps changing my life in ways nobody would ever guess would happen.”

Arnel Pineda’s genuine admiration for Steve Perry and his eagerness for a potential reunion add a layer of anticipation to Journey’s future. As fans speculate on what could be, Pineda’s words reflect the profound impact that music and collaboration can have on an artist’s journey, transcending the boundaries of time.

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