Ann Wilson Doesn’t Want You To Take Selfies AT Her Shows

Ann Wilson Doesn’t Want You To Take Selfies AT Her Shows | Society Of Rock Videos

via Ann Wilson of Heart / Youtube

Ann Wilson, the powerhouse vocalist of the iconic rock band Heart, isn’t shy about her feelings regarding the ubiquitous presence of cell phones at concerts. In a recent interview on the Broken Record podcast, Wilson candidly shared her perspective on how mobile devices in the audience impact her performance.

“It does change things,” Wilson acknowledged, reflecting on the sight of fans holding up their phones during shows. She expressed frustration particularly when fans position themselves at the front of the stage, eager to snap selfies with the band as a backdrop. “That’s really distracting, because you just want to sort of jump out of the way,” she added, highlighting the challenge of maintaining focus amidst the sea of glowing screens.

Acknowledging the fans’ desire to capture memories, Wilson conceded, “To be fair, it’s a big night for them and they want to preserve some little memory of it.” However, she made it clear that she’s not comfortable playing the role of a mere background prop. “I’m not a backdrop,” she asserted, emphasizing her desire for a more immersive concert experience.

Heart Hits the Road: Are They on Tour?

Despite the distractions, Heart is hitting the road with gusto in 2024, embarking on their Royal Flush tour alongside rock veterans Cheap Trick. This extensive tour, spanning from April through the end of the year, marks a triumphant return for Heart after a hiatus since 2019.

Reflecting on the decision to reignite the tour, Wilson shared, “It was time. There was no longer any reason to hold off on it.” She described the process of reviving the band’s live performances as collaborative, involving negotiations on the band lineup and show format. “We had some negotiations to do – who’s going to be in the band, what type of a show we’re going to do – but we came to understandings and all that,” she explained, illustrating the dedication and effort behind the scenes to deliver an unforgettable concert experience to fans old and new.

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