Ann and Nancy Wilson Wanted To Fake Fights

Ann and Nancy Wilson Wanted To Fake Fights | Society Of Rock Videos

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Navigating the intricacies of familial dynamics within a band is old hat for Nancy and Ann Wilson, the sisters at the heart of Heart. The Wilson duo has weathered their fair share of family drama over the years—a medley of genuine disputes and exaggerated tensions.

In a recent chat with the Seattle Times, Nancy delved into the persistent curiosity surrounding sibling dynamics. “Do you guys fight?” is the perennial question, as if sibling rivalry were the linchpin of their connection. Nancy even confessed to contemplating a staged dispute to appease the fervor of social media haters, who revel in pitting sides against each other. She revealed:

“At one point, we even thought about staging a fight just to satisfy the… haters on social media. Like everybody has to take sides all the time. Everybody has to be in opposite camps, which is such [expletive] to begin with.”

The Family Drama Surrounding Heart

While the Wilsons have faced genuine moments of discord, such as Ann’s husband’s arrest in 2016 for allegedly striking one of Nancy’s children, the band eventually embarked on a hiatus. Even upon their return in 2019, speculation lingered about underlying tensions. Nancy admitted, “There’s been a lot of emotionally challenging aspects to having a family that’s in a band together,” emphasizing the emotional struggle of compartmentalizing personal and business matters.

Acknowledging the difficulty, she continued:

“So, the family part and the career part can oftentimes derail pretty easily.”

Yet, she emphasized the worthiness of the struggle, stating:

“But all of the emotional struggle that it takes to compartmentalize between the family and the business is worth it. Because then you get to go out and be larger than life on a big rock stage and make music that makes people happy. It makes you happy.”

As Heart prepares for their first performance since 2019 in Southern California, the Wilson sisters aim to let the music speak louder than the familial complexities that accompany life in a band.

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