All The Underrated Lindsey Buckingham Songs From Each Album

All The Underrated Lindsey Buckingham Songs From Each Album | Society Of Rock Videos

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A lot of fans argue that Lindsey Buckingham isn’t given enough credit for his singing and songwriting. Thus, a number of underrated songs that you would want to listen to after we list them down. Here are some of Buckingham’s music creations from his solo work to the songs he did with Fleetwood Mac:

1. “Stephanie”
From: Buckingham Nicks (1973)
Real fans of the album are so happy whenever they find a rare vinyl copy of it because this was never been remastered or rereleased and some are just bootlegs. The song “Stephanie” is an instrumental song showcases Buckingham’s amazing guitar techniques.

2. “I’m So Afraid”
From: Fleetwood Mac (1975)
The title of the song “I’m So Afraid” is as direct as the lyrics are. Accompanied by Pink Floyd inspired guitar solos with screams and growls that aren’t too aggressive, but enough for you to get what the song wants you to feel.

3. “Never Going Back Again”
From: Rumours (1977)
This song sounds better when performed acoustically as it shows the complex fingerpicking of Lindsey all throughout the song. The lyrics are about heartbreak, but he made it sound fun and not painful at all.

4. “What Makes You Think You’re the One”
From: Tusk (1979)
This is where Lindsey experimented with the punk sound on the album. It’s a percussion-driven song recorded with Mick Fleetwood’s drums through a boombox. It could pass as a modern indie hit today.

5. “Bwana”
From: Law and Order (1981)
An opening track to the album. This song is inspired by Mick Fleetwood’s trip to Ghana to record with drummers. It has the Beach Boys vibe and sounds like a real pop song. In 1981, he told BAM magazine, “What I did there was sing into a mike and then run the vocal through a cassette player in such a way that it would totally distort so it would sound like it was somewhere between a sax, a kazoo and a guitar.”

6. “Can’t Go Back”
From: Mirage (1982)
In 1983, it was released as a single in the UK following the success there of “Oh Diane” but only reached #83. The song starts with the sound of a ticking music box played by Mick Fleetwood’s drumming. It has the lightest vocals from Buckingham on the album.

7. “D.W. Suite”
From: Go Insane (1984)
This is what happens when you trap Buckingham in his studio with a Fairlight synthesizer. The song is dedicated to Dennis Wilson who died during the sessions of the album.

8. “Tango in the Night”
From: Tango in the Night (1987)
One of the most poetic lyrics written by Lindsey, “When the moon was full and bright
I would take you in the darkness
And do the tango in the night”

9. “Street of Dreams”
From: Out of the Cradle (1992)
A sad song. In the lyrics, the narrator visits the grave of his father and expressed anguished.

10. “Bleed to Love Her”
From: Say You Will (2003)
Unlike the other three original songs on The Dance album, “Bleed to Love Her” did eventually appear in a studio version on Say You Will. Buckingham later admitted that he knew the song features the same lyric and melody as his earlier song “You Do Or You Don’t” from his Out of the Cradle (1992).

11. “Cast Away Dreams”
From: Under the Skin (2006)
The tune of this song was written while on tour with Fleetwood Mac, which backed by only a steady rhythm guitar. It conveys the sense that Lindsey wants to keep progressing creatively.

12. “Gift of Screws”
From: Gift of Screws (2008)
Featuring Mick Fleetwood on drums and John McVie on bass, “Gift of Screws” feels like a more rock-centric take than in Tusk’s.

13. “That’s the Way Love Goes”
From: Seeds We Sow (2011)
At first, it sounded like full of anger, but when you get to the end and realize the acceptance of pain, you will just say “That’s the Way Love Goes”.

14. “It Takes Time”
From: Extended Play (2013)
This song was written and recorded by Lindsey Buckingham for Fleetwood Mac’s Extended Play release in 2013. Buckingham performed all instruments and vocals on the song which shares a tune with “Show You How” from his 2006 solo album Under the Skin.

15. “Sleeping Around the Corner”
From: Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie (2017)
A mix of quiet verses and followed by a catchy and loud chorus.

16. “Swan Song”
From: Lindsey Buckingham (2021)
The only time this song became popular is when Buckingham admitted that he forgot he hadn’t written it. It was actually a demo given to him over 20 years ago and originally titled “Mind’s Eye” by Blinker The Star’s Jordon Zadorozny and Medicine’s Brad Laner which later was given credit.

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