All The First Things The Beatles Did

All The First Things The Beatles Did | Society Of Rock Videos

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Even though The Beatles stopped making music nearly five decades ago, their impact is still felt today. They were the first to do so many things that changed not just music but also how people thought and dressed.

The Beatles didn’t just play music; they changed the way it was played. They influenced how people dressed and even how they saw the world. Their music opened doors for lots of other musicians, artists, and writers. They were among the first to inspire singer-songwriters, who play, write, and perform their music. Little did anyone know back then, they were setting the stage for completely new types of music.

But their “firsts” don’t stop there. The Beatles also started big concerts in stadiums, bringing people from all over the world closer together. They came up with a new way of making music called a “concept album,” which was pretty groundbreaking. People all around the globe loved them, and their influence will probably last for a very long time.

Music Videos, Lyrics, and Iconic Hand Signs

The Beatles were also the first to print song lyrics on a pop album, make music videos, and hold huge stadium concerts. One of their weirder achievements was being linked to the popular “devil horns” hand sign. It first appeared on an album cover with John Lennon’s cartoon on Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles weren’t just doing their thing for themselves—they changed the world, especially in music. All the changes they brought about happened quickly and stuck around, leading to lots of progress in society.

When The Beatles were all the rage in 1963, imagine that you were 17 years old. If you were a fan at the time, you may have been inspired to study music only for their sake. That is the extent of their impact!

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