Ace Frehley Calls Out Jimmy Page: “He’s a Sloppy Guitarist”

Ace Frehley Calls Out Jimmy Page: “He’s a Sloppy Guitarist” | Society Of Rock Videos

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Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley recently sat down for an interview with Jeremy White, where he shared details about a significant financial loss he experienced and offered his thoughts on his own guitar-playing skills compared to Tommy Thayer’s. Additionally, he made a surprising comment about iconic guitarist Jimmy Page.

Ace Frehley Reflects on Financial Loss and Guitar Style Comparisons

In the interview, Frehley revealed that he had lost millions of dollars over the years following Tommy Thayer taking over his role in Kiss. Despite the financial setback, Frehley found the motivation to create a better band and produce superior music. Expressing his disbelief, he said, “I don’t understand why they never put out a record after 20 years.”

After discussing the loss, Frehley shifted the conversation to comparing his guitar skills to Thayer’s. Acknowledging his own style as a “sloppy” guitarist, Frehley went on to mention Jimmy Page as another guitarist known for his unconventional playing approach. He shared an anecdote from a recent interview, saying, “I was talking to an interviewer the other day… He goes, it’s Tommy Thayer trying to sound like me, which is kind of ridiculous because actually, Tommy’s not a bad guitar player. Technically, he may even be a better guitar player than me. See, I’m sloppy. I’ll be the first one to admit it, and people have said it in comments. I’m sloppy, but I have a way about the way I play. I mean, Jimmy Page is sloppy.”

Frehley’s candid admission about his own playing style showcases his self-awareness and willingness to embrace his unique approach to the instrument. Despite recognizing his own flaws, he highlighted the importance of personal style and the impact it can have on one’s music. By mentioning Jimmy Page, Frehley drew a parallel between himself and the legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist, emphasizing the idea that unconventional playing can still make a significant impact.


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Insights into Dynamics and Guitar Virtuosity

The interview with Frehley not only shed light on his financial challenges but also provided insight into the dynamic between him and Thayer within the context of their roles in Kiss. Acknowledging Thayer’s talent, Frehley demonstrated a balanced perspective, recognizing both his own weaknesses and Thayer’s strengths as a guitarist.

Frehley’s thoughts on Jimmy Page added an unexpected twist to the conversation. Page, known for his influential role as a guitarist in the rock realm, has always had a distinctive and unconventional playing style. By describing Page as “sloppy,” Frehley provided a different perspective on what it means to be a skilled guitarist.

Overall, Ace Frehley’s interview highlighted his resilience in the face of financial loss and his willingness to reflect on his own abilities as a guitarist. By acknowledging both his shortcomings and strengths, he offered a refreshing perspective on the importance of personal style in music. Whether one agrees with Frehley’s assessment of Jimmy Page or not, his comments spark conversation and provoke further contemplation of what defines guitar virtuosity.

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