9 ’70s Pop Culture Icons Who Are Unknown to Today’s Youth

9 ’70s Pop Culture Icons Who Are Unknown to Today’s Youth | Society Of Rock Videos

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The ’70s brought forward a vibrant wave of cultural icons who left a significant impact on movies, TV, and music. However, as the decades roll on, some of these powerful personalities might not be as familiar to the younger generation of today. We delve into 9 pop culture icons from the ’70s that played influential roles in shaping the era’s entertainment but are less known among today’s youth.

Paul Newman


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Paul Newman was not only a talented actor but also a notable philanthropist. Known for his dazzling blue eyes and naturalistic performance style, Newman’s career saw him in various acclaimed films throughout the ’70s.

Off screen, he interestingly turned his passion for cooking into a successful food company, Newman’s Own, which donates all its post-tax profits to charity. This venture underscores Newman’s humanitarian side, which paralleled his acting profession in impact and importance.

Monty Python

Monumentally influential in the comedy scene, Monty Python was a British comedy troupe known for their surreal and absurd sketches on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. Captivating audiences with their groundbreaking humor, Monty Python’s influence can still be seen in various contemporary comedy shows.

Beyond television, their success branched out to film with notable works such as “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and “Life of Brian”, which continue to entertain audiences today, though their collective persona might not be as well-known among today’s younger generation.

Carol Burnett


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Carol Burnett is a versatile actress and comedienne who gained fame for her eponymous television variety show, “The Carol Burnett Show”. The series, featuring comedy sketches, song, and dance, was a hit during the ’70s, showcasing Burnett’s comedic talent and endearing charm.

Outside the variety show, Burnett also starred in various films and television series, demonstrating her dynamic range of talents. While her skits and parodies are classics in the world of comedy, her name may not ring a bell with many young people today, despite her significant contributions to television and comedy.

John Belushi


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Recognized for his vivacious physical comedy, John Belushi was a popular comedian and actor. He first gained fame as an original cast member of “Saturday Night Live” and later starred in successful films like “The Blues Brothers” and “Animal House.”

Unfortunately, Belushi’s life was cut short in the early ’80s with a fatal overdose, making his contributions to comedy all the more poignant. Belushi’s wild energy and comedic talent remain integral elements of his lasting legacy.

Bill Cosby


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Once respected as one of America’s favorite TV dads, Bill Cosby is a comedian and actor known for his long-running sitcom “The Cosby Show.” Before the sitcom, his stand-up comedy in the ’70s was popular, tackling everyday family life with hilarity and warmth.

It’s important to note that, more recently, Cosby’s image has been tarnished by numerous allegations and subsequent convictions in sexual assault cases, leading to a reassessment of his public persona and his career.

George Carlin

George Carlin was known for his black comedy and insightful reflections on society, challenging the conventional taboos of the time. His humor touched on social issues, language, psychology, and various taboo subjects, establishing him as a profound and controversial voice of comedy.

Carlin’s timeless routines continue to be admired by comedy enthusiasts, yet few young people today might recognize him or understand his substantial influence on modern-day stand-up comedy.

Raquel Welch


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A key figure in ’70s pop culture, Raquel Welch was an actress and sex symbol. With her beauty and charismatic on-screen presence, she gained international fame and was a popular figure of the decade.

Welch should also be acknowledged for challenging the era’s stereotypes, presenting a powerful image of women, with memorable roles in films like “One Million Years B.C.” that showed her as independent and capable rather than just a conventional object of desire.

Pam Grier

Pam Grier is an actress known for her roles in the blaxploitation films of the ’70s. These films targeted the urban African American audience, making Grier a symbol of female empowerment. Remarkably, she played fierce and strong characters in films such as “Foxy Brown” and “Coffy.”

Even though Grier’s powerful performances have had an enduring impact on cinema, her name and influence may not be instantly recognizable among the current younger generations.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is considered one of the greatest actors of all time, with a career crossing several decades. In the ’70s, Brando delivered one of his most memorable performances as Vito Corleone in “The Godfather.” His role in this gangster epic is still widely acknowledged and has inspired generations of actors.

However, Brando is just as famous for his off-screen behavior. He was known for his rebellious nature and his commitment to political and social activism, notably his stance on civil rights and his involvement in the American Indian Movement.

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