7 Badass Tattoos If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Stevie Ray Vaughan

7 Badass Tattoos If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Stevie Ray Vaughan | Society Of Rock Videos

Yes Please!

Getting inked is a lifetime commitment. It’s different when you love a musician and when you’re willing to have their faces tattooed on your body. Here are some ideas if you finally decide to take your SRV obsession to a whole new level.

1. Because you need a constant reminder of how his happy face looks like.

Artist: Bob Tyrrell

We just can’t help but smile too.

2. Because we need to pay tribute to his guitar too.

It’s his ultimate life partner, TBH.

3. Because setting this iconic photo as your mobile and desktop wallpaper just isn’t enough.

The detail is astounding, by the way.

4. Because this design is utter perfection – just like SRV.

It looks so realistic!

5. Because you can almost hear him making those strings scream.

Is there anything more divine than his music?

6. Because there’s no better image than that of SRV totally feeling the song.

Artist: Steve Wimmer

7. And feeling it more…

Artist: Tom Renshaw

It’s SRV at his finest moment.

Oh… And if your artist gives you ANY of the following tattoos, it’s time to fire him.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! This is blasphemy.

Not to mention a total waste of ink.

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