10 60s Toys That Kids Today Would Love

10 60s Toys That Kids Today Would Love | Society Of Rock Videos

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Toys from the 1960s have a special charm, filled with simplicity and creativity that seems timeless. They sparked joy and imagination in children decades ago and have the power to do the same today. From classic board games to inventive creations, these toys offer endless fun without the need for screens or batteries. Let’s take a closer look at some of these iconic toys that kids today would still enjoy.

Creepy Crawlers


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Creepy Crawlers allowed children to create their own mini-insects using molds and Plastigoop. The magic happens when you heat the mold, and out come the rubbery creatures, ready for play or pranks. The process of making these bugs is not just fun but also sparks creativity and a bit of scientific curiosity. Who wouldn’t love the chance to design their very own creepy crawlers, choosing colors and mixing them to see what comes out?



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Trolls, with their distinctive wild hair and cute faces, made their first appearance towards the end of the 1950s but really captured hearts in the 60s. Easy to carry around and collect, each Troll doll was unique, which made them highly sought after. Playing with Trolls could encourage storytelling and role-play, as children create imaginative worlds for these magical creatures.


The Slinky is a simple metal spring that can perform the mesmerizing act of ‘walking’ down stairs. The sound it makes and the way it moves is fascinating for children and even adults. It’s a toy that combines both science and fun, teaching basic physics concepts in a very hands-on way. The Slinky is proof that sometimes the simplest toys can provide the most entertainment.



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Since its introduction in the late fifties, Play-Doh has become synonymous with childhood during the sixties. This soft, colorful dough can be shaped into anything a child’s mind can imagine, from animals to imaginary food. It’s not just about crafting; playing with Play-Doh is beneficial for developing fine motor skills and encouraging creative thinking. Plus, the act of squishing and molding the dough is incredibly soothing.



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Operation is a board game that challenges players to remove tiny objects from a patient’s body without setting off the buzzer. This quirky concept not only provides plenty of laughs but also helps children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The tension of trying not to set off the buzzer adds an exciting edge to the game, making it a thrilling activity for family game nights.

Mr. Potato Head


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Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised directly to children on television and has been beloved ever since. Children can change his features, creating funny or bizarre combinations. This toy encourages creativity and may help children understand body parts and expressions. The sheer variety of ways to mix and match Mr. Potato Head’s parts ensures that the fun never gets old.


Monopoly, although created in the 1930s, remains one of the most popular board games worldwide during the 1960s. It teaches children about money management and real estate, all through the guise of playful competition. Negotiating deals and strategizing to bankrupt opponents offer lessons in critical thinking and planning. Plus, the thrill of building a property empire can keep players engaged for hours.



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The Etch-A-Sketch is both a drawing tool and a puzzle, with two dials that control a stylus, moving it horizontally and vertically to create images. Mastering the Etch-A-Sketch requires coordination and patience, but the sense of accomplishment from completing a drawing is unmatched. It also offers a unique way to encourage creativity, as children figure out how to create pictures one line at a time.



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Lite-Brite allows kids to create glowing pictures by placing colorful plastic pegs on a backlit board. This toy is wonderful for fostering artistic expression and understanding patterns and design. Playing with Lite-Brite can be a serene and almost magical experience, as the room dims and the colorful designs come to life.

Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball is a fortune-telling toy that provides ambiguous answers to yes-or-no questions. It’s simple but can add a fun twist to decision-making or just serve as a novel way to imagine the future. Whether taken seriously or not, consulting the Magic 8 Ball can be a delightful group activity, spurring discussions and laughter.

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