5 Things You Should Know About Dirty Honey

5 Things You Should Know About Dirty Honey | Society Of Rock Videos

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When people say rock is dead, they probably just haven’t heard of bands like Dirty Honey. At a time when there’s not much great music out there for classic rock fans, Dirty Honey is a breath of fresh air. They recently chatted with Classic Rock magazine, and here are some things you should know about them:

1. They’re not obsessed with perfection.

“Rock’n’roll should be right on the edge,” guitarist John Notto said. “Great art is a little dangerous. Where that danger is differs from artist to artist. We don’t show up naked wearing socks, but we’ll leave a mistake on if the take has the feel.”

He added, “Rock’n’roll isn’t perfect.”

2. They like to tackle the darker side of Los Angeles in their lyrics.

“You drive around here in LA, you can see some of the most beautiful sights anywhere in the world, hundred-million-dollar houses,” lead singer Marc LaBelle noted. “But you also see the darkest shit imaginable… So with California Dreamin’, I wanted to go a little darker.”

3. They have no qualms about being a rockstar through and through – diva attitude and all that.

“Once nobody can tell me what to do, it’s gonna be off the chain. I’m gonna start wearing polka dot,” Notto claimed. “Remember when Axl had his own shoes that said ‘Axl’ on them? They looked horrible. But he was just like: ‘I’m wearing ’em. And I’m wearing a kilt too.’”

4. They once annoyed John Mayer. They were recording The Wire while Mayer was in the next room and the latter “complained that he could hear our bass, it was bleeding through. And he had to send a note over, like: “Are you guys through?” That was pretty funny.”

5. They want to make timeless music.

“If you listen to the iconic stuff by Queen, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, it’s timeless,” Labelle said.

“It’s like, you look at someone in the sixties wearing Wayfarer sunglasses, and someone wearing them now – if the picture is just right,” Notto added, “you wouldn’t know what time period it is. Those glasses are cool forever. Chuck Taylors are cool forever. I think certain recordings are too – and you know it when you hit it.”

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